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Letter Exchange


WRITTEN BYRaegina Taylor   



What is it?

The letter exchange is a project designed to allow students to have contact with other students who are at the same English level as they are. The idea was formulated based on the fact that students participate in club activities competing with other schools, and yet the only people they really associated with and have contact with are student in their own schools.


It is thought that through this exchange, students are given the opportunity to make contact with other students out side their school. However, this can be adapted to a school-based level and maybe an over-the grade level project. The main aim is to let students express themselves using real English in a real way about topics that interest them.

The following is a Proposal for the Letter Exchange for an area. This can be used for the participating schools to help explain the goals of the project.


Activity Objective

This project is to promote links in the JHS English learning community for making new friends while instilling excitement in students for learning the language. Students will be able to communicate to other students in the *** area through a letter exchange program. This gives students to opportunity to practice their English skills with other students in the same learning situation.


Summary of Activity

Students volunteer to participate in the letter exchange program, so it is a project to be held outside of class time in club or lunchtime etc. All students who are interested are then randomly given another student from a different school with whom to exchange letters with. The contact is initiated with the help of the ALTs but it is up to the students whether or not they continue to exchange letters after the initial contact.


Preparation and Planning

ALTs are asked to inquire at their schools whether or not such a program should be implemented. After that, the project can be initiated!


1.  What is needed:

  • Gauge the level of interest from ALTs, schools and students
  • Commitment from the ALTs to promote this program as a valid and beneficial way for students to use their English skills

2.  Proposed structure:

  • Lead-up:
    • ALT asking schools permission for the initiation of the exchange.
    • ALT gauges student interest and sets up a system for ‘expressions of interest’ whether it be through the English notice board, talking to students, student announcements, secret ballot etc.
  • Implementation:
    • ALT initiates the exchange through collecting the names and profiles of interested students.
    • All profiles are given to the organizing ALT who then redistributes the profiles to different schools.
    • Letter exchanges are to be continued through the schools maybe by internal mail?
  • Follow-up
    • An evaluation to be written by the ALTs involved or to be discussed at a monthly meet.
    • An evaluation to be taken by ALTs involved of their students and schools in the validation and success of the program.
    • If the response is good, to set up a letter exchange opportunity every six months to a year.
    • Do an evaluation of students involved to see if their exchange was continued after the initial set-up period, and any suggestions they may have on improvement.



This program is aimed at developing an encompassing enthusiasm in students who would otherwise be shy in their communications using English. It also gives the students to make contact with students in the area with whom they may have some contact with in sporting or club events, but otherwise do not know.




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