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Lunch Time Radio Show


WRITTEN BY: Taube Gensler      ADDED: Dec 06, 2010

Once a week for 20 minutes, I have an English radio show that is broadcast over the school’s intercom system during lunch time.I use the same format each week so students know what to expect and can listen for each part of the show.


  • Opening Song
  • Greeting and Introduction
  • Today’s topic or interview
  • Quiz
  • Music that’s sung in English
  • Closing comments






1. OPENING SONG: I play a different opening song each week. 


2. GREETING & INTRODUCTION: After the opening song has played for a minute, I usually turn down the music and greet the students, give the date, tell

students the topic for the day, which grade will have a quiz that day, I request that students have a pen and paper ready for the quiz, and the name of the opening

song, the band and where they are from.I turn the music back up until it finishes.


3.TODAY'S TOPIC OR INTERVIEW: I choose a topic each week that can cover anything about my culture, what’s happening in Japan or at my school.For

example, my country’s holidays, school events such as sports day, music festival, graduation, something in the news or might be significant to students, such as

volunteering, the World Cup, etc. Remember to keep it short and simple.


Instead of a specific topic, I also conduct interviews with the principal, vice-principal, teachers and students.I keep the interview very basic and short.I must plan

this in advance. I give the guest a list of questions about two or three weeks in advance. We meet and go over the answers, make corrections and practice the

English.I have conducted the interviews both live and have recorded it too.Some good candidates for the interviews are the leader of the student council, a favorite

teacher, a secretary/custodian/nurse, etc. I always ask that the interviewee tell me their favorite song that’s sung in English.They help introduce that song as well.


4. QUIZ: Each week I have a quiz for a different grade level. Originally, the students submitted the answers to the questions I asked. Teachers told me that this

was too difficult especially when students are eating lunch. I changed the quiz to be a multiple choice quiz with three questions. I made answer sheets and three

numbered lines that each have A, B, C. I made packets of these answer sheets punched a hole in them and strung them together so teachers could post them on

the bulletin board in all of the classrooms.Students can just grab an answer sheet and a pen and circle their answers quickly. 


5. MUSIC SUNG IN ENGLISH: I always play music that is sung in English.I play songs from all over the world. I like to keep it contemporary since many English

teachers play very old songs in class.As long as the music is in English, I will play student requests. I ask if I can announce their name or at least their class

over the intercom too. Before and after each song, I tell the students the name of the song, the band/singer and what country they are from. If it’s a special holiday,

I will play specific music around that holiday such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day.


6. CLOSING COMMENTS: At the end of the show, I say good-bye to the students and sometimes announce next week's topic or interview.


BULLETIN BOARD: The school allows me to use a bulletin board in front of the teacher’s room. Each week after the radio show, I post photos of the topic from that day, such as holidays, school events, the person I interviewed, etc. Students love to see photos of themselves and their friends from school events.I type up the transcripts and format it in a newsletter style document with photos and post it on the board. I make a music list, with the name of the song, the artist and the country they are from and include photos of the artist/band. 


SUGGESTION & REQUEST BOX: I made a box that says in English and Japanese, to please submit your quiz answers, music or topic suggestions and any other comments. The box is tacked to the bulletin board.


OTHER COMMENTS: Students really like to hear themselves, their friends or their teachers on the radio. I have recorded teachers for the quiz portion of the show and to make announcements.I have had students record their sports day cheers. Students have also recorded their comments about a particular teacher or student that I was interviewing that day.The week of valentine’s day, I told students they could give me valentine messages in English for their friends, girlfriends or boyfriends and I would announce it on the show.


TECHNOLOGY SUGGESTONS: There is a free program called "Audacity", which is a sound recording program. Originally I would use that program to record people from my laptop.  Now, I use my iphone voice messaging application to make recordings. I download them and use Audacity to make a CD.  I use to do the show live, but recently I started recording it, which does take quite a bit of time.  Either way is fine live or recorded.  In addition, I would like to eventually integrate sound effects too. 


Overall, it’s been a great experience and the response from both students and staff has been very positive.



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