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PRIMARY WORDSblackboard, calendar, chair, computer, desk, book, glue, eraser, notebook, paper, pen, pencil, ruler, scissors, tape


SECONDARY WORDSpencil sharpener, book bag, folder, pencil case, paper clip, stapler, hole punch, protractor, compass, calculator, magic marker, bulletin board, paint, paintbrush



  1. EnglishTitle: HERE
    • JapaneseTranslation: HERE





Color the Animals: This is a listening activity for the students to color pictures according to the ALT’s directions.


Colour Scavenger Hunt: Help students practice their colours and the names of places around the school with this fun game.

Take-Away: While the students aren't looking, remove various objects and have the students guess the removed item.

学校に関連しているいくつかの物を使って始めます。―――ホッチキスやテープや鉛筆など。 児童が見ていない時にその中のどれかを取り去って、児童に何がなくなったか言ってもらいます。


What's This? Touch Race:Students race in teams to identify as many school objects as possible.



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