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Dr. Bacon

SUBMITTED BY: Kirsten Phillips




DATE ADDED: Feb 14, 2008 

TRANSLATED BYSatoru Miyakoshi





 Grade 3ąGrade 4ćGrade 5ĉGrade 6ċ

  Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


20-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: The object of Steal the Bacon is take the "bacon" back to your own side without being caught. This version is also used to practice health.



  • A scoreboard, colored tape and “bacon”. This can be any soft object like a ball, stuffed animal, baseball glove, etc. But not real bacon. Because we never use bacon.



  1. Split the class into two opposing teams and have each line up on opposite sides of the gym, facing each other.
  2. Place the bacon in the dead center between the two lines and set a marker (colored tape lines) for each team just outside the bacon. The only purpose of the barrier is to get the players within reasonable hearing distance of each other while giving ample space between opponents and the bacon. Make sure each barrier’s distance from the bacon is equal for both teams to be fair.
  3. Select one team to initially represent the doctor. The other team is the patient. They will switch roles after each turn.
  4. Have the first two students in their respective line approach and stand behind their bacon barrier. These are the players for that round. No other team members may leave their side of the field.
  5. The game begins with the doctor asking loudly: “What’s wrong?” The patient then gestures and responds using the target language: “My shoulder hurts!”, “I have a toothache.”, “I have a cold.”
  6. Once the patient’s response is given, each student may race to “steal” the bacon. Neither player may touch the other until someone touches the bacon. Once a player touches the bacon however, the other player may tag them. If a player is able to grab the bacon and carry it back over to their own side, that team scores a point. If a player is tagged after touching the bacon and before they return to their own side, the team that tagged them scores a point.
  7. Note that the sequence of play usually involves the two kids running out and hovering over the bacon, waiting for a slight advantage to grab it and run back before the other player can react.
  8. The game is over when a predetermined number of points are scored.



  • If your class is behaved/quiet enough, you can have the doctor and patient shout their dialogue from their places in line (as opposed to behind markers) before they race for the bacon.
  • In some games, points are scored by carrying it to the other team’s side or either team's side.
  • Can be used to practice any dialogue pattern such as “Please”, “Thank you.”, “Do you like…?”, “What day is it today?”, etc.



  • This game is best played in large groups in large spaces. If you can score the gym, bravo. If not, a tanmoku “wide room” should be okay if you set careful parameters and observe safety.



  • The pressure here is on the patient to choose and then say his or her ailment. Be on hand to help kids who falter with the language and try to encourage variety or else you’ll hear a lot of the same ailments.
  • If a student latches on to the bacon in mid-steal and is literally “dragged” to the opposing side, no point is awarded. An opposing student may “tag” only to receive a point, not steal the bacon from someone already holding it.



概要: このゲームの目標は、"bacon"を相手チームに奪われないように、自分のチームのサイドに持ってくることです。このバージョンはhealth(健康)について練習する時にも使えます。



  • 得点板、カラーテープ、そして“bacon”です。これはボールや動物のぬいぐるみ、野球のグローブなど、柔らかいものであれば何でも構いません。


  1. 学級を2つの対戦チームに分ける。そして体育館の両はじにお互いに向き合うように並ばせる。
  2. “Bacon” を2チームのちょうど中心に置き、それぞれのチームがbaconの外側にいるように印(カラーテープ)をつける。バリアの目的は対戦相手とbaconの間に十分なスペースをとり、お互いに適切に聞き取れる距離にプレーヤーを配置することにある。対戦チーム同士が平等になるようにbacon からそれぞれのバリアの距離が等しくなるようにする。
  3. 一つのチームを選び、初めにdoctor(医者)の役を演じさせる。もう一つのチームはpatient(患者)だ。生徒は順番に役割を交代する。
  4. 最初の2人の生徒をそれぞれのラインに近寄らせ、baconバリアの後ろに立たせる。この2人がそのラウンドのプレーヤー。チームの他のメンバーは自分たちのチームのフィールドを離れてはいけない。
  5. ゲームはdoctor(医者)が大声で“What’s wrong?” と聞くことから始まる。patient(患者)はジェスチャーをしてtarget language である“My shoulder hurts!”, “I have a toothache.”, “I have a cold.” 等を使って答える。
  6. Patient(患者)が答えたら、doctorとpatientはすぐにbaconを競争して取りに行く。どちらかがbaconにさわるまで、どちらのプレーヤーも相手チームのプレーヤーにふれてはいけない。しかし、どちらかがbaconにふれたら、もう一人のプレーヤーはそのプレーヤーにタッチすることができる。もし、プレーヤーがbaconをつかんで自分のチームの側に持ち帰ることができればそのチームの得点になる。もし、プレーヤーがbaconを持って自分のチームの側に戻る前にタッチされたら、相手チームのポイントになる。
  7. ゲームを続けていると相手チームのプレーヤーが反応する前にbacon を少しでも早くつかんで戻ろうとして、baconの周辺をうろついたりする生徒が出てくるので注意する。
  8. あらかじめ設定されたポイント数が得点されたら、このゲームは終わる。


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