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Easter Egg Hunter

SUBMITTED BY: Jesse Willicome




DATE ADDED: Mar 21, 2011






 Grade 1āGrade 2ăGrade 3ąGrade 4ćGrade 5ĉGrade 6ċ



15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: In this Easter activity students learn to use prepositions and classroom objects to find Easter Eggs.



  • EasterEggHunter attachments: There are three types of attachments included - worksheet, secret sentences and flashcards. (NOTE: To save file space, for pages 3-13 the pictures have been removed). Simply go over to first page and copy/paste the images to recreate these pages.
  • "Egg" point cards for teams who successfully solve the sentences.



  1. Introduce the Easter holiday to your students. Explain about painting eggs, the Easter Bunny and an Easter Egg Hunt. Now tell the students that you want to have an Easter Egg Hunt with them.
  2. First, introduce prepositions and classroom objects with flashcards. Then explain the sentence structure, using an egg flashcard and the object flaschcards with magnets on the blackboard as a visual aid (The egg is in front of the bookshelf).
  3. Model the activity with the JTE. Ask the JTE to close their eyes. Put the egg flashcard on the chair flashcard. Show the students and then stand in front of the flashcards. Ask the JTE to open their eyes and guess your sentence. If JTE is wrong, ask the students to help them. Students will love this part. Do this a few times to practice speaking.
  4. Now ask the students to get into lunch groups and get into order. Tell the students you have a Easter Egg "secret sentence." The students must work together to guess he preposition and classroom object.
  5. Start the game. Ask groups to decide the preposition and object. Student 1 then writes a sentence and/or draws a picture on their worksheet. Then each student 1 brings it to either the ALT or JTE and reads the sentence.
  6. ALT/JTE check the "Secret sentence". If the preposition is correct, but the object is wrong, point to correct part and give thumbs up. Student returns to group and students guess again. Student 2 returns to ALT/JTE with next guess.
  7. The fastest team to guess both parts becomes the champion and recieves one egg card.
  8. Play again. Continue with next student in each line.



  • You could also give one point for each part that is correct for a total of two points for the preposition (1 point) and object (1 point). This will help to keep all the teams a little more even and motivated to play.



  • This is a bit complicated to explain. If students seem confused at first, don't worry. Once the game gets going they will catch on quick and you will be suprised by how many prepositions they already know.



  • Move around the room during the game so one team can't walk/run to you easier.


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  • 上の「Materials Needed」に見てください。



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