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Fruity Collection




BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's Original Juice

DATE ADDED: Sep 10, 2008 

TRANSLATED BYMatt Baumgartner



J-GO EDITED BY: Masami Kobayashi


 Grade 1āGrade 2ăGrade 3ąGrade 4ćGrade 5ĉGrade 6ċ

  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕHandicapped ClassesÖ


20-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students walk around and exchange their picture cards with other students, with the goal of collecting many fruits that they like and giving away fruits that they don't like.





  1. Teach students names of the different fruits and the key sentence of "Do you like...?"
  2. Give each student the attachment. Have students circle the fruits that they like and cross out the fruits that they don't like. (see variations)
  3. Each student is given an envelope that you have prepared. Each envelope consists of five picture cards of different fruits.
  4. Students will circulate with their goal being to try to collect as many fruits that they like, and to give away as many fruits that they don't like. For example, if a student has an apple card but does not like apples, they should go around and try to find a student who likes apples by asking "Do you like apples?", If the other student answers yes, then they give that card away. When being asked "Do you like....?", if the fruit is a fruit that the student likes, they should say, "Yes, I do." and collect the card. If it is a fruit that he/she doesnt like, then say, "No, I don't."
  5. For each "fruit I like" card, students get 1 point. For each "fruit I don't like" card, it's minus 1 point. That gives the students' total scores at the end.



  • There will be students who like every fruit listed on the worksheet, which is fine. However, if you would like to make the game a bit more fair, you may ask students to pick three fruits that they like least and "don`t like them" for this game.




概要: 生徒は歩き回って他の生徒が持っているカード交換して自分の好きな果物のカードを集めます好きではない果物のカードを出来るだけ他の生徒にあげてしまうようにします。



  • 上の「Materials Needed」に見てください。


  1. 生徒に果物の名前と英文「Do you like___?」を教える
  2. 生徒達にそれぞれプリントをあげる自分の好きな果物に丸をつけて好きではない果物×を付ける
  3. 生徒一人ひとりに5(5種類)の果物のカードを入れた封筒を配る
  4. 生徒は歩き回りながら出来るだけ自分の好きな果物のカードを集め、好きでない果物のカードを他の人に渡す。たとえば、もし生徒リンゴのガードを持っているけれどリンゴが好きじゃないなら英文の「Do you like apples?を使って、他の生徒に尋ねて回る。Yes, I do.」と答えた生徒がいたら、その人にカードをあげる好きじゃないと答えたい生徒は「No, I don’t.」と言う
  5. カードでFruit I like(好きな果物)は1ポイントFruit I don’t like(好きではない果物)マイナス1ポイントと計算する。


  • 授業では全部果物が好きな生徒もいますが、の場合は問題ありません。でも公平にしたい場合は、生徒にあまり好きではない果物を3つ以上選ぶようにさせます。



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