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Janken Pile-Up

SUBMITTED BY: Nicholas Hallsworth

SUGGESTED TOPIC: Days of the Week/ Occupation

E-GO EDITED BY: Mooloo  

DATE ADDED: Oct 26, 2011 






Grade 3ąGrade 4ćGrade 5ĉ

  Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-20 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students work in lunch group teams to collect as many cards as possible in a given time.



  • JankenPileup attachment: Print and cut out the attached cards for days of the week (you will need 12 pages worth) for days of the week. NOTE: The 'days' cards are the second page. The first page is for grade 6's 'occupations' lesson.



  1. After splitting the students into lunch group teams, hand out 18 cards to each team and put them face down in the middle. Tell them they have to collect as many cards as they can in the allotted time.
  2. Students pick up one card and find a partner from a different lunch group and play "Today's Janken." Today's Janken is not "Rock Paper Scissors 1, 2, 3" but "What day is today? 1, 2, 3!" (This was the keyword for my lesson so I wanted to incorporate it into the game).
  3. The loser of Janken has to answer the question with the card they are holding. "It's Monday," and passes the card to the winner.
  4. The loser returns to the lunch group and takes another card and finds the next partner.
  5. The winner returns his old card to the lunch group pile, takes his new card (the one he won) and finds the next partner.
  6. At the end of the allotted time, the lunch group with the biggest 'pile-up' of cards is the winner.



  • I also did the exact same game with occupations for grade 6. This Janken chant changed to, "What do you want to be? 1, 2, 3!"



  • Make sure they do the dialogue and don't just play Janken and exchange cards.
  • Make sure the winner returns the cards to the team pile so the piles don't run dry.




概要: 訳したい、ここにクリックしてください。


  • 上の「Materials Needed」に見てください。



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