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Baker Street Station

SUBMITTED BY: Nicholas Hallsworth



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's Five-by-Five

DATE ADDED: Oct 28, 2011






Grade 5ĉGrade 6ċ

  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕHandicapped ClassesÖ


15-30 min.

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Brief Outline: Students listen to a conversation between the ALT and HRT and practice the keywords from Eigo Note Lesson 5. The lesson introduces 3 famous London stations.


Materials Needed:

  • BakerStreetStationattachment: Includes cut-outs for 3 London stations, corresponding photos and direction cut-outs. Print, cut out and laminate.
  • The giant poster for Lesson 5 from the Eigo Note pack


Detailed Explanation:

  1. After introducing and practicing the vocabulary for the lesson, stick the giant poster from the Eigo Note pack on the board. Stick the 3 station cut outs along the top (I had a short discussion with the class, where I talked about these places and the HRT translated) and the red direction cut-outs along the side to form a grid-like shape. (See attachment for details.)
  2. Split the class into teams (rows or lunch groups).
  3. The ALT and HRT have the following conversation:
    • HRT: "Excuse me, where is the... BEEP?" (You can use a buzzer to make the beep)
    • ALT: "Turn right from Baker Street Station."
  4. Students have to use the grid to answer what word was in the BEEP. For the example above, the answer would be "Park." The first student to answer correctly gets a point for his team. This student can no longer answer, but he can help his fellow students.
  5. I added 'swim' for fun and because it appeared in a previous chapter. For example:
    • HRT: "Excuse me, where is the... BEEP?"
    • ALT: "Swim from Westminster"
    • STUDENT: "Barber Shop."
  6. After plenty of listening practice you can change the roles so the students start directing the ALT.
    • ALT: "Excuse me, where is the restaurant?"
    • STUDENT: "Go straight from Westminster Station."


Teaching Suggestions:

  • Get the HRT to help judge who puts their hand up first because you can get pretty busy.
  • My teacher wanted something for parent school visit which had a cultural element to it. I spent some time talking about the 3 London places I introduced and showing photos etc.

概要: HERE



  • 上の「Materials Needed」に見てください。


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