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I Study English




DATE ADDED: March, 02 2016

Grade 5ĉ

  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕHandicapped ClassesÖ


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students will use trading cards to give their classmates three hint quizzes
using "I study ~." Students who guess correctly get the card from their classmate.





  • 1. Review the vocabulary for each subject. (This activity works best if students are already comfortable with the vocabulary.)

  • 2. Introduce students to three hint quizzes using the vocabulary for each subject as the answers. For example, "ABC, pencil, paper." The answer is, "English." Another example, "ABC, black and
     white, triangle." The answer is, "music."

  • 3. Pass out the worksheets and introduce each character. Each character is surrounded by three subjects that he/she likes. 

  • 4. Give a three hint quiz using the characters as answers. For example, "I study music. I study P.E.
    I study science." The answer is, "Taku." Show them how to find the answer on their worksheets.

  • 5. In necessary, have the homeroom teacher explain the meaning of "I study ~" and practice saying, "I study ~" with the students.

  • 6. Pass out a set of 5 to 10 trading cards for each student. Make sure they don't show their cards to other students. (The more cards you give each student, the longer the activity can run.)

  • 7. Demonstrate with the homeroom teacher. (Or use two puppets to demonstrate.)
    You and the homeroom teacherplay Rock, Paper, Scissors. The loser picks one card, Taku for example.
    Make a production of secretly showing the chosen card to the students but not your demonstration partner. Give the three hints according to the subjects on the card.
    For Taku, the hints are: "I study music. I study P.E. I study science." The winner looks at his/her worksheet and guesses the character.
    Depending on your student's  English ability, answer with: "You are Taku!" or "Are you Taku?" or "Taku." The loser gives the winner the trading card. 

  • 8. Demonstrate again. This time, have the rock, paper, scissors winner guess the wrong character. He/she does not get the card.

  • 9. Have two bright students volunteer to do an additional demonstration in front of the class. (I reward such brave students with stickers.)

  • 10. Have students pair off and do a practice round. Check that everyone understands how to play. 

  • 11. Have everyone stand up and walk around making pairs with anyone. 

  • 12. After a set amount of time, or after the first student has no more cards, have everyone sit down. 

  • 13. Have the students with the most cards stand up and clap for them.



  • 1. For very large or undisciplined classes, have the students move their desks into 
    groups of four or five. 

  • One student gives the student to his/her right a three hint quiz. Play proceeds in a circle with no need for 
    playing rock, paper, scissors.

  • 2. Have extra trading cards. When a student runs out of cards, have them come to you and say, "I like English!" to 
    get more trading cards.

  • 3. If you play a second round, have the students leave their worksheets on their desks. They must guess 
    from memory.

  • 4. You can take out the rock, paper, scissors element and simply have both students give a three hint quiz before 
    changing partners.

  • 5. For a completely different approach, tap one trading card to the back of each student. When they guess their 
    character, which will happen very quickly, they go to the ALT or homeroom teach to have another character taped to their back.


  • 1. The demonstration is crucial to this game. If the demonstration is slow and clear, students won't need a
    detailed explanation in Japanese.

  • 2. Emphasize that the student who loses at rock, paper, scissors must give the three hint quiz and
    potentially give up a card.



  • 1. Naturally this game gets very loud. If your class is too big or boisterous, keep them sitting down in groups. 
  • 2. If students don't understand how to play, the game will devolve into utter chaos. 
  • 3. I recommend you print the trading cards on stiff paper and cut them out yourself.  

概要: HERE



  • 上の「Materials Needed」に見てください。


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