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School Directions

SUBMITTED BY: Matt Wheatley




DATE ADDED: Feb 03, 2010






Grade 5ĉGrade 6ċ

  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕHandicapped ClassesÖ


20 min.

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Brief Outline

Students give directions to get to various rooms on a school building map, but they have to walk softly because some rooms have monsters anxious to eat their points.


Materials Needed

  • SchoolDirections attachment. Contains three area attachments: map of the school, school classrooms and cartoon characters.
    • MAP: This is your game board that you'll attach to the chalkboard so you'll need to blow it up to poster size.
    • CARDS: You'll need to make two sets: A4 flashcard size for practicing names before starting the game and one smaller set (1/4 A4 size) to affix to each room on the map once the game starts.
    • CARTOON CHARACTERS: I use the Doraemon character as a visual aid to move through the school as the teams explain how to get to a classroom.  As for the two monster characters, you can place these characters into random rooms.  If a team arrives at a room with one of these monsters in it, their team receives a -1 point.


Detailed Explanation

  1. As a warmup to this activity, ask the students, "Where's the toilet?".  If you're brave, use animated gestures to elicit laughter.  See if they can understand the question, or reply to the question.
  2. Practice the target question and vocabulary:
    • "Where's the ~ ?"
    • Place names: library, toilet, gym, etc.
    • Directional words: go (left/right/straight/back), turn (left/right) and stop.
  3. Attach the small pictures of the rooms facedown on the poster-sized map of the school that you should have already attached to the chalkboard (NOTE: The students shouldn't be able to see which rooms go where on the map).  This adds to the excitement and thrill of the game.  It's kinda like a concentration game, where the first couple of guesses are incorrect but as the game goes on, as the students remember, they start figuring out where each classroom is.
  4. After making teams, randomly choose one room, let's say 'the library'.  All students in the class must shout out, "Where's the library?" .
  5. Then, using their newly learnt directional words, one team (maybe the winner of Janken) explains how to get to the library using the directional words they learnt.  As a team explains the directions, move the Doraemon character through the school based upon their directions.
  6. When a team is satisfied they have arrived at the correct classroom, turn that school room over.  If it is the correct room, the team receives two points.  If it is incorrect, the next team has a shot.
  7. Continue until all rooms are found.  The team with the highest points wins.



  • Monsters: There are nine school rooms included with this game, but there are a total of 12 rooms on the map.  So, for the extra three rooms, I create 'monster rooms'.  These rooms simply have a monster in them.  If a team opens a door to a monster room, a point is deducted from their score.



  • This activity takes a little prep time to make the cards, map, etc. but it is well worth it because the students found the game to be quite fun.

概要: HERE



  • 上の「Materials Needed」に見てください。


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