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PRIMARY WORDS: Cook, close, dance, drink, eat, fly, jump, listen, open, play, read, run, sing, sleep, speak, study, swim, walk, write


SECONDARY WORDS: Count, go, come, watch TV, play video games, ride a bike, laugh, cry, take a bath, make a castle, fight, clean, catch/throw a ball, draw a picture, wait, climb a tree, play soccer, play the piano, use a computer, skip



  1. Play Charades: Do gestures of various actions and let the students guess the action. Then, teach them the English equivalent, having the students following your actions. This is often referred to as self-learning and builds students' confidence, but more importantly, it gives you an idea of the students' English ability.
    • ジェスチャーゲームをする: いろいろな動詞の身ぶりをすると生徒に身ぶりを推測させます。そして、英語でそれら動詞を教えて、ALTが身ぶりをした後について生徒は身ぶりをします。これは生徒の自己学習と自信を持つというと呼ぶがALTに生徒の英語の能力に関する考えを与えます。
  2. Remote Control Students: When introducing the target vocabulary, use the genki students in the class and treat them like remote controlled people.  Once you introduce 3+ actions, control the student around the room. This simple activity will help keep the class' attention while create great listening practice for the students doing nothing.
    • リモートコントロール生徒: 単語を教える時に元気な生徒を使用して、リモートコントロールされた人々のようにそれらを扱います。いったん3つ以上動作を教えると、生徒に教室で回りに制御します。この簡単なアクチビティは生徒注意を向けておきながら何もしない生徒は聞き取りすることができます。


FLASHCARDS: SendaiEdu / LanternFish / HaveFunTeaching / eslHQ / MesEnglish / EnglishRaven

Bana Banabana: You call the action and students have to touch the right body part.



Clap, The: Students practice forming sentences in this easy-to-learn clapping activity.



Do Freeze: Students walk around and suddenly 'freeze' when the music stops.



I Want to: In this guessing game, players take on the role of iron-fisted teacher and restless students! This game is a good way to practice the construction "I WANT TO" + [verb].



Man, Gun, Wolf: A variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors using a different name.

Oh My King: Students study action verbs and practice numbers 11-19 (or whichever numbers they have troubles with). Students become "the king" or "the slave" and either say the action verbs or do the actions.



Robot, The: The students give a robot commands and you (the robot) act them out. A lot of fun!



Time Hunters: Students travel around a game board collecting times on their cards for various daily routine verbs.



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