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Colo(u)rs (色)


PRIMARY WORDSblack, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, orange, red, white, yellow


SECONDARY WORDSgold, sliver, gray, tan, light, dark





  1. EnglishTitle: HERE
    • JapaneseTranslation: HERE






Color the Animals: This is a listening activity for the students to color pictures according to the ALT’s directions.



Colour Change: Students collect all the colours by walking around and talking to each other.


Colour Scavenger Hunt: Help students practice their colours and the names of places around the school with this fun game.


Colours of the World: Students play karuta and practice colours and shapes, and maybe countries if you so desire.

Hidden Colors (worksheet only)


Hide Billy: Sending a student into the hall, students are quizzed on various articles of clothing.



I Spy: Children play a simplified version of "I Spy" while reviewing colours.


Make Your Own Flag:Students use colors and shapes to draw their own personal flags and then after the ALT collects all the flags, students listen to hints and raise their hands if they think the flag being described is theirs.


Shingo or Jail: Students become cars and drive around a designated track following traffic directions.



Jerseys: Students design a soccer shirt using 2-3 colors, then ask their friends what color their shirt is.

Toss!: Students race to catch a ball based upon a color given.



Touch Me If You Can!: Students touch objects in the classroom based upon what color is called out. This is a good warm-up activity.



Wearing Colors: The ALT asks if students are wearing a certain color. If students are wearing that color, they must point to the clothing with the color on it.




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