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Directions (道案内)


PRIMARY WORDS: up/down, left/right, go, straight, turn


SECONDARY WORDS: hit, spin, backward, forward


FACT: "After ringing the doorbell in Japan, it is customary to open the front door of someone else's house and step inside...even before permission is granted.



Boom Boom! Game: Students raise/lower their hands based upon what you say versus your actions.

ALT の指示によって手を挙げるまたは手を下げます。


Cutting Classes: Students A and B each have half of a school map. They play janken in a race to finish their map.


Directed Animal: Students help their ‘blind’ partner draw various animals.


Directions Race: Students read directions to their groups hoping to be the first group across the finish line.


Invisible Path, The:The ALT draws a secret path on a grid, and the students take turns trying to guess the path using "go straight" and "turn left/right" 


Mr. Bump: Blindfolded students being guided through an obstacle course listen to their partner's directions to avoid dangerous desks.


My City Bingo: A simple bingo game with a cool map style bingo card for city locations. 


Pin the Shippo:Shippo means tail. Students pin the tail on the donkey using directions.



Neighborhood Race: Blindfolded kids are guided by their teammates through a map to find a place. This game uses the directions: right, left, up, down, back and stop.


Shake the Blind: Students give directions to their blindfolded partner, only with a twist. They guide them to other students and have them shake hands and introduce themselves in English.



Star Wars Jedi Duel: Adorned with Star Wars character masks, students are guided around the classroom trying to extirpate other teams' saber-wielding opponents by listening to their teammate's directions.




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