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Greetings (挨拶)


PRIMARY WORDScold, good, happy, hot, hungry, ok, sad, sleepy, so-so, tired


SECONDARY WORDSmad, thirsty, in love, great, shy, sick




Crazy Faces: Students ask their friends, "How are you," and draw that particular expressive face on their face worksheet.

児童は相手に "How are you?"と聞くと相手のワークシートに感情の表情を描きます

Daruma Mr. Wolf: While practicing various 'how are you' responses, students travel from one side of the room to the other, without being eaten by the wolf.

狼が食べられないで児童は"How are you?" の挨拶を練習しながら教室の反対側に行きます。

Daytona: Students race in circle groups to see how fast they can introduce themselves to each other.

Gestures: Students practice listening and speaking ‘good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night,’ through the use of repetition and charades.

手ぶりで表し、単語を繰り返しながら児童は"good morning, good afternoon, good evening とgood night"の言葉でリスニングとスピッキングを練習します

Homemade Telephone: Students learn how to make telephones and practice greetings.


How Are You? Triple Pack: Students practice saying 'How are you?' with a janken tournament, a bingo game, and a word search. 



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