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Sports (スポーツ)


PRIMARY WORDSAmerican football, badminton, baseball, basketball, golf, ice hockey, soccer/football, rugby, skiing, table tennis/ping pong, tennis,volleyball


SECONDARY WORDSbowling, jogging, walking, swimming, ice skating, surfing, skateboarding, fishing, shopping, hiking, dancing, horseback riding, sledding, cycling/biking, golfing, snowboarding, hunting, gymnastics, cheerleading, aerobics, track and field, karate/martial arts, archery, yoga/tai chi, diving, race cars, boxing, wrestling, fencing





  1. EnglishTitle: HERE
    • JapaneseTranslation: HERE





Broom Ball: Baseball in the classroom, except no bats, balls, or bases.


Charades: Gesture game relating to sports vocabulary.





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