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Adjectives (形容詞)


PRIMARY WORDSbig, boring, fast, fun, heavy, light, long, new, old, pretty, short, short, slow, small, strong, tall, weak


SECONDARY WORDSfull, empty, high, low, wet, dry, close, far, easy, hard, dark, light, clean, dirty, blurry, broken, bumpy, cracked, fiery, flowery, fluffy, glowing, holey, scratched, shiny, spotty, striped, stormy, wavy, ugly



  1. EnglishTitle: HERE
    • JapaneseTranslation: HERE





Doink: In this fast-paced gesture game, students throw a Doink ball around the room acting out various adjectives.

V-Compliments: Create Valentine's Day cards and review adjectives by making Valentine's compliments. 


What's in the Box?: Students work in teams to guess a variety of objects or flashcards in a hidden box.




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