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Body Parts (体の部分)


PRIMARY WORDS: Arm, back, ear, eye, face, finger, foot, hand, hair, head, knee, leg, mouth, nose, neck, shoulder, teeth, toe


SECONDARY WORDS: Ankle, belly button, elbow



  1. Active Learning: Have everyone touch each body part while you introduce the vocabulary.英単語を紹介している間に生徒達が自分の体部分を触ってもらいます。
  2. Student Prop Teaching: Use a student as a prop to teach the body parts. Student participation is good for keeping students' attention. For example, ask for a helper and then point to different parts of the student's body and ask the class what the body part is. 体部分を紹介するものにした生徒はみなに注意を払ってもらうほうがいいです。ある生徒の体にいろいろの部分に指さしながらみんなに明かしてもらいます。
  3. Slow Is Okay: There is a lot of vocabulary, so break it up: teach enough to do one game or song, then teach a little more and do another activity, and so on. 英単語が多いので、細かくして1つのゲームや歌などに適当に教えます。
  4. Hips vs. Bum: Japanese people mistakenly believe that 'hips' means 'bum (oshiri). It might be fun to correct this mistake by singing the Hokey Pokey song. 多くの日本人は「腰」が「おしり」同じ意味だと思っています。「ホッキ・ポッキ」と言う曲でやり治すことは楽しいです。




Balancing Act: Students try to balance the object on their body part while practice the vocabulary.


Body Builder: Students learn how to recognize body parts by speaking and drawing the parts.


Body Check (worksheet only)


Body Coloring: Students color body parts of the giant and robot handouts according to the ALT's directions. 

Dr. Bacon: The object of Steal the Bacon is take the "bacon" back to your own side without being caught. This version is also used to practice health.


Dr. Doctor: Students play a doctor/patient game, naming the body part where they are hurt, and bandaging it with toilet paper. Works well with teaching about body parts and feelings.


Fast Touch: Students race to be the fastest to touch the body part explained by the ALT.

Monster Drawing: (officially, categorized under the 'Halloween' topic) Students use their knowledge of English colors, numbers, body parts, and shapes (optional) to draw a monster based upon the ALT's description.


Magnetic Parts: Students practice listening to various body parts by correctly forming the correct combination. 


Touch Command: Students play Janken with each other and the winner gives the command ("Touch your...") according to their body card. The other student has to do as she or he is told.



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