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(Dis)like  (好き・嫌い)









Baba Vader: This is your basic Baba Nuki or Old Maid game with a Darth Vader twist.


Bananaman: Students go round asking their friends "Do you like bananas?" in order to find 8 hidden bananamen. In round 2 the keyword changes to "Do you like mushrooms?" and the students try to find 8 hidden Marios.


Circle Race: Students verbally race in a circle to complete rounds by saying different things they like.



Finding Nemo: Students ask a series of, "Do you like ~ ?" questions in hopes to discover their partner’s character card.

児童は、相手の人物カードを見つけるために"Do you like ~ ?"(~が好きですか)というフレーズを使って質問します。


Like Interviews: Students wander around the classroom asking each other "Do you like ~ " questions, while filling out a worksheet.

児童は教室を歩き回ってお互いに"Do you like ~"(~は好きですか)を聞きながら、ワークシート(インタビューシート)に記入していきます。


Popularity Contest: Students choose between various popular characters to slowly whittle down which is the most popular.

Stitch Interview (worksheet only)


Takeda's Treasure:Students become ninja in search of Shingen Takeda's lost treasure, using English along the way to move forward on the gameboard and defeat monsters!


Tanbo: Tanbo means rice field, not to be confused with Tonbo, which means dragonfly. Students move through different sections of the tanbo saying different things they like.



TPR True/False: Students run to true/false sections of the room based upon whether they believe the ALT's statements.

児童はALTが言ったことを信じるかどうかtrue (O)かFalse ( X ) の教室の地域に走っていきます。 


Uso!Uso means lie. Students choose objects they don't like and try to make their partner believe they do like it.



Zombies: Students become zombies to practice "I like...," "I like..., too," and/or "I don`t like...."

児童はゾンビになって 「I like....」と「I like..., too.」と「I don`t like....」の使い方を話し練習します。



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