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Numbers (数字)




SECONDARY WORDS: thousand, million, billion, trillion







Blackjack: Kids learn how to play the gambling game Black Jack and learn to count and add numbers between 1-21.



Candy Betting: Students learn early in their lives to be gamblers with this Janken-playing candy-card betting game. 児童達はじゃんけんでキャンデイカードを賭けます。


Dice Numbers: Students try to guess the correct number on dice.


Dot-to-Dot: Students listen to the teacher call out random numbers between 1-20 or 1-100 to complete a dot-to-dot handout(s).


Grabbing Guess: Students guess how many objects you have in your hand or a box.



Hot Seat: Students learn to familiarise themselves with numbers running to sit in the correct chair!



How Many Coins:The students guess how many coins are in a jar.


Huggies: Students form numbered groups based upon the number they are given.


Jump!The ALT says a number and the students must jump that many times.



Leg RaceThis is a listening game where students race through a barrage of legs based upon the number called.



Next Number?After saying their own number, students decide and call out the next number.


Not 21!: Students practice saying numbers 1-21 in this nail-biting counting game.


Number Bingo: Students play bingo to review numbers 1-20. 


Number Olympics: This is a set of four games being played at the same time and with all students participating at the same time while practicing the four parts of learning.



Oh My King: (originally categorized as an 'Action' activity): Students study action verbs and practice numbers 11-19 (or whichever numbers they have troubles with). Students become "the king" or "the slave" and either say the action verbs or do the actions.



Pico Number Relay: Students compete against each other on a relay race while saying the numbers in order and hitting the numbers with a pico hammer.



Playing Your Cards Right: Students practice saying numbers based upon flipping an unknown card.


Pokemon Karuta: Students are divided into teams and are given cards with numbers on them. They talk to people on other teams and try to collect the most cards. 5 decks with  numbers 1-30 and 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.

The Price Is Right: Like the American TV game show, students guess the prices of toys from the ALT's country.



The Speed Game: Students practice numbers 1-20 while trying to improve their speed.  

Sum It Up: Students turn over cards and say the number which they turn over and their sum OR product.


Thumb War: Students practice numbers from 1-10 or 10-100 using a thumb war.


Tracing Numbers (worksheet only)


Uno Scramble (Karuta variation): Students win points for their team or themselves by collecting various numbered cards (1-10) called by the ALT.




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