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Occupations (職業)


PRIMARY WORDSactor, actress, animal doctor, cook, dancer, doctor, eye doctor, farmer, fireman, pilot, policeman, policewoman, nurse, singer, teacher


SECONDARY WORDSmailman, bus driver, waiter, barber, astronaut, carpenter, cashier, construction worker, dentist, engineer, plumber, reporter, secretary, security guard, soldier, veterinarian, waitress, cowboy




Bingo: A game in which students mark squares on a bingo card according to the target vocabulary spoken.


Janken Pile-up: Students work in lunch group teams to collect as many cards as possible in a given time.


Job Fair Janken: No matter how old or cool they get, students love to play Janken! They carry around cards with various jobs on them and try to create a full set using Janken and, of course, English.


Occupation Snakes and Ladders:Students practise saying aloud the English words for occupations while playing snakes and ladders.

Three Lies, One Truth

Students try to guess which one of four jobs their friends want to do.



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