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 General Game'sJanken Points




DATE ADDED: Dec 19, 2013


 Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This activity allows students to make a simple sentence using a subject, verb, and object. Students can also use positive or negative sentences while competing for points.





  1. Review vocabulary words on worksheet as students may be unfamiliar with some of the characters.
    You may also have to teach or review adding "s" after the verb for positive sentences (eat --> eats)
    and using "does not" (eat --> does not eat) for negative sentences.
  2. Students get together in pairs.
  3. Decide who goes first. Usually I choose something specific to decide who goes first (e.g. the tallest
    student, who has the most pencils, the closest birthday from today, etc...)
  4. Student 1 chooses any number on the grid. Example "6" which corresponds to "Stitch" and "read books".
    Student 1 then makes a sentence, "Stitch reads books".
  5. Student 1 and 2 Janken for the points. The winner receives the points if it is positive.
  6. Student 2 then chooses a number. If the student chooses a negative number, for example "-2",
    the student makes a negative sentence, "Stitch does not dance".
  7. Students again Janken. This time if negative points were chosen, the loser receives the negative points.
  8. Student who has the most points win.


  •  Student may cross off points after receiving them to keep a time limit on the game. Generally the game goes on for a little less than 10 minutes this way. (Recommended)
  • If you choose not to cross out points and students may choose the same number of points thus occasionally repeating a sentence.
  • Instead of working in pairs students can find anyone in the class to play. After each student goes once, the students then have to find a different classmate. Whoever receives the most points in the class is the winner.
  • This activity can be used to make almost any type of sentence.



  • This works especially well with JHS 1st grade but of course can be used with the other grades.
  •  I usually give each student a worksheet and the pair decides which one to use. If you have enough time you can use the second worksheet to play again.
  • If you give only one worksheet per pair make sure to get the pairs together when reviewing the vocabulary so they can both look over the worksheet.
  • Remind students to use English and make the sentences from the worksheet. Some students may just play the game without making sentences then finish in less than 5 minutes.

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