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 General GameKings

SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford / Jean Davis



DATE ADDED: Nov 15, 2007


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕ


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Like the old college drinking game, students draw a card and receive a challenge. Based upon whether they can complete the challenge, they can receive or lose points.





  1. Organize the groups into a circle around a table(s) with the cards in the middle.
  2. Each card represents a different task.
  3. Each students receives 10 points starting out the game.
  4. Play begins by the group playing Janken and the winner drawing the top card. The student looks at the card and matches it with the corresponding task. If they perform the task correctly they receive 5 points, which they write down on their point card but if they make a mistake, 2 points are subtracted.
  5. The rules to each card might seem like too much at first glance, but students tend to catch on fast.
  6. The rules can change, depending on the grade of the students.
  7. Here are some suggestions for second year students. Make sure you print out a set of rules for each student/group or simply write the rules on the chalkboard.:
    • 2’s: You say a sentence in English. Choose a student and they must change it into Japanese.
    • 3’s: 過去形の疑問を右の生徒にask a question. (They must ask a past tense question to the person on the right.)
    • 4’s: 過去形の疑問を左の生徒にask a question. (They must ask a past tense question to the person on the left.)
    • 5’s: 未来形の疑問を右の生徒にask a question. (They must ask a future tense question to the person on the right.)
    • 6’s: 未来形の疑問を左の生徒にask a question. (They must ask a future tense question to the person on the left.)
    • 7’s: Make a 6以上sentence using ‘speak’. (以上 = 6+ word sentence)
    • 8’s: Make a 6以上sentence using 不定詞. (不定詞 = infinitive – ‘to + verb)
      At this point, the game becomes a bit more fun
    • 9’s: Changes game direction. (clockwise to counter-clockwise)
    • 10’s: You are an animal. If students can’t guess (推量) the animal = -2 pts.
    • Jacks: Choose a topic – animal, food, drink, vegetable, sport, etc. Students go around in a circle naming words in that category until someone makes a mistake. More than 5 seconds on one person equal a mistake. (mistake = -2 points)
    • Queens: Choose a number. Let’s play math! Students take turns adding the same number IN ENGLISH until one of them makes a mistake. (mistake = -2 points) ()
    • Kings: Student must play Janken with the JTE or ALT. (Lose = +5pts. Win = -2pts. Tie = next student must play Janken with teacher)
    • Aces: Make a rule! (Here the student creates a rule. The rule must be followed for the entire round – “raise you hand!”)
    • Jokers: + or - 10 pts. (The student can either +10 pts. to their score or -10 pts. from another student.)
  8. The student with the most points at the end of the game is the champion.



  • For lower level classes, you might have better luck handing them out a set of directions in Japanese for them to follow.  Thanks for a JTE in Arai JHS, the translation has already been done for you. :)
    • Rules:
      • グループで順番を決める。
      • カードをグループの真ん中に置く。
      • 順番にカードを引いていく。下の指示に従ってゲームをすすめる。
      • ポイントは、各自自分のカードに記入してください。
      • 最高ポイント獲得者には・・・もれなく・・・???
    • Card instructions:
      • Pull an Ace: 日本語でも英語でもいいので歌を歌う。歌ったら8points
      • Pull a 2: 英語で英文を一つ言う。言えたら5points
      • Pull a 3: 右となりの人にDoで質問をする。右となりの人は答える。質問できたら5points
      • Pull a 4: 左となりの人にDoで質問をする。左となりの人は答える。質問できたら5points
      • Pull a 5: 右となりの人にDoesで質問をする。右となりの人は答える。質問できたら5points
      • Pull a 6: 左となりの人にDoesで質問をする。左となりの人は答える。質問できたら5points
      • Pull a 7: 単語6以上使って英文を一つ言う。言えたら5points
      • Pull a 8: 単語6以上使って英文を一つ言う。言えたら5points
      • Pull a 9: 逆回り pointsなし
      • Pull a 10: あなたは何かの動物になる。英語でヒントを出し、当ててもらえたら5points
      • Pull a Jack: 動物、食べ物、飲み物、スポーツ、野菜など一つカテゴリーを決めて、順番に言ってい く。言えない人がでたらそこで終わり。言えない人以外5points。 例:果物だったら、「apple, orange, banana・・・」
      • Pull a Queen:  数字を言っていく。ただし最初の人が2で始めたら、2,4,6と言っていく。倍数
      • Pull a King:  5 points
      • Pull a Joker: 10 points



  • Split the class into groups of 4-6 students. Each group should receive a FULL deck of cards. You can buy cheap cards at the 100yen shop or make your own if you have time.
    Instead of trying to pre-teach all the rules for each of the cards, explain a couple and start the game. Explain each rule as the question arises.

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