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 General GameNewspaper Reading

SUBMITTED BY: Karmen Hvalec


DATE ADDED: Jun 28, 2008


  Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students practice reading the basics of an English newspaper. This activity is best suited for 3rd grade students.



  • NewspaperReading attachment: One for each student or group
  • Copies of English and Japanese newspapers - prepare enough copies of the newspaper 



  1. Bring few copies of Japanese newspapers to the class and ask students if they read the newspaper.
  2. Demonstrate with the JTE that even though you not might be fluent in Japanese and you can`t read all the kanjis, you are still able to figure out the name of the newspaper, cost, day and where is it from.
  3. Then, have the students make pairs and ask them to move their desks to face each other.
  4. Distribute the worksheets/newspapers and give the students time to browse them, while the ALT/JTE walk around the classroom and talk to the students.
  5. If the students are working through this activity by themselves, before the end of the class, have them trade swap worksheets with the student sitting next to them and check their answers together.



  • You can have just one class on this topic and read the English newspaper or you can make 2 classes. On the 1st class give each student a copy of Japanese newspaper and attached worksheet and on the 2nd class have students do the same with English newspaper.
  • Instead of the newspaper you can use magazines, but make sure to change the worksheet accordingly.



  • You can most likely go to your local Shimin Plaza or international center and find a copy of an English newspaper. Also, you can find copies of various Japanese newspapers at your local schools.



  • If you make groups, be careful because students have a tendancy to play around.

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