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 General GameSpace Invaders

SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford



DATE ADDED: Apr 14, 2008


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students review various grammar points while students take pop-shots at alien invaders drawn on the chalkboard.



  • A suction cup ball: Can be found at the 100 yen store.



  1. Divide the class into teams. Columns work well. Have the students remain seated for the game.
  2.  Ask one person for every team to come to the board and draw an alien. Set a time limit otherwise it could take too much time. Another idea is to tell the students to do this prior to class so you don't have to waste class time to do this. Do not use red chalk to draw them but any other chalk is okay.
  3. You/JTE has a sheet of review questions. One person from each team stands up.
  4. A question is asked and the fastest student to raise their hand and correctly answer the question can throw the ball at the chalkboard. If an alien is hit, it is erased.
  5. There are two possible points: 1 point for correct answers and 1 point for hitting an alien. To make it even more challenging, they only receive the second point if the ball sticks to chalkboard.



  • If a student successfully hits an alien, they have the option of trying to spell a word. If spelled correctly, they can draw a 'bad alien' on the chalkboard using red chalk. If any student hits a 'bad alien', that team loses two points.



  • When creating your questions, think about the grammar points and vocabulary you are wanting to review. While random questions are fun, pre-thought out questions are the most beneficial for preparing students for the next English class.



  • The goal of this game is not to play the game but to rather practice and review previous grammar points. If you see you are playing more than practicing, instead of allowing students a chance after every question, every team must accrue three points before every student on the team is allowed to take one throw. To make it even more strict, instead of allowing every student one shot, ONLY allow the student who answers the third question correctly to take a shot at killing an alien.
  • The students in the baseball club really love throwing the ball hard. You might need to warn them throwing the ball will result in loss of points. And, you might want to follow the warning with telling them the ball has a better chance sticking to the chalkboard if it is thrown softly.

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