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 General Game'sThe Favorites Game

SUBMITTED BY: Kirk Suwantantula

EDITED BY: ブリキッド

DATE ADDED: Feb 21, 2013


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)Ò


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a basic conversation activity designed to get students speaking and interacting with each other. It is facilitated by the ALT but mostly executed by students.



  • TheFavoritesGameCards: 01 /02 (Topic cards included but optional.)
  • Timer (optional)
  • CD track with some kind of countdown audio (optional) *think ticking time bomb
  • Something physical to pass (i.e. a block, a marker or a whiteboard eraser, etc.)
  • White/Blackboard


  1. Teacher introduces the topic via "like" (i.e. what color/sport/animal do you like?)
  2. Teacher then introduces the concept of "FAVORITES"
  3. ALT introduces the answer on the whiteboard " My favorite_______is_______."
  4. Practice a few repetitions with the students, listen and repeat (random teacher favorites)
  5. ALT introduces the question "What is your favorite_______?"
  6. Prompt a few repetitions with the students asking as a group and ALT answering students.
  7. When ALT feels confident, pass out the topic cards randomly. Each student gets one topic card.
  8. Arrange desks in a circle or square (students will be passing topic cards to the left after each round)
  9. The game starts when the first student who has a block or WB eraser, states his favorite and then passes the block on to the next student.
  10. The next student says their favorite, and passes the block on.
    (This activity gives all students a chance to hear what their classmates interests are possibly sparking discussion and in turn friendships)
  11. Once this has gone around once, have the students pass their topic cards to the left.
  12. Now you can add the timer or CD track.
  13. Introduce the new rule that if a student gets caught with the block/WB eraser when the timer or track goes off, then he or she is given an extra topic card and must say two when it is his/her turn.
  14. You can be tough and say that they must keep the two acquired in the last round or you can let them pass the two to the next person.
  15. As you start each round, remember to refresh the students memory by pointing to the board and practicing the key sentence together a few times.



  • Have fun with it.

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