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SUBMITTED BY: Andy Webster 


EDITED BY: Natasha Anders


EXAMPLE: For here or to go?  

DATE ADDED: Jun 25, 2009


Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


45-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students will practice how to order fast food calculating cost and quantities.



  • FastFood attachment: Attachment includes a fast food menu, calculation sheet and flash cards



  1. Elicit and Drill fast foods using flashcards.
  2. JTE and ALT will demo the dialogue.
  3. Students will listen and repeat the dialogue.
  4. Students will listen again and complete No.1 on the worksheet.
  5. Teachers will not tell the students the price.
  6. In pairs students will calculate the price.
  7. Using the menu ALT will demo with a student using different variables.
  8. Students calculate the price again.
  9. Students will practice the dialogue with their partner and complete No. 2 on the worksheet.
  10. JTE and ALT will monitor all students to check for understanding.
  11. Choose the best students to demo the dialogue 1 more time.



  • Some students may need calculators to calculate the price.

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