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SUBMITTED BY: Richard Fleming 

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: A mis-spent youth playing with the bigger boys 


SITUATION:  Gesture  

EXAMPLE: In my country, this is a gesture which means... 

DATE ADDED: May 20, 2009


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students have to guess the meaning of the gestures performed by the ALT.



  • GuessTheGesture worksheet: It has three parts - Japanese gestures, UK gesture clues and a worksheet.



  1. Decide if students should make groups or work individually.
  2. Hand out the guess sheets.
  3. Perform each of the gestures as described on the guide sheet, asking students to choose from the options on the guess sheet.
  4. Check the answers.



  • For 'good' classes, I don't hand out the guess sheet. After performing the gesture, I simply say the possible answers and ask students to choose what they think is the correct one using either ABC cards or writing on the chalkboard.



  • My students study relative pronouns about the same time as gestures so I use the "In my country..." intro to the answers. This also allows for a needless Borat impersonation.



  • You can check the answers after each gesture or at after all have been performed. If you want to check after each gesture you may want to change the answer options for later questions.

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