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SUBMITTED BY: D. Justin R. Moriarty II

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: A test from my high schools 


SITUATION: Conversation Test 


DATE ADDED: Jun 2, 2011


  Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


45-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:  This is a test in which you engage students in basic conversation skills. You ask them questions and they must properly answer.



  • OCConversationTest attachment: Feel free to modify this worksheet in anyway you want and pass it on to your students.



  1. Pass out the worksheet for students to study, and when it's time, they give the sheet to you and within 2 minutes, complete the conversation.
  2. Give them 2 points if they do it correctly. If they miss certain parts such as special words, take off 1 point.



  • You can change the amount or nature of the questions depending on the level of the high schools. If your JHS is good enough, feel free to use this with 3rd year JHS students.



  • This is a test I do for high school oral communication classes. Since I did this at a vocational high school, the version I posted is a much simpler version from what I would use at a more elite academic school.
  • If you have too many students and must complete this in one class period, you can have one-half of the class, and your JTE can interview the other half.



  • Always smile. Keep the environment relaxed.

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