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Go: JHS Grammar PageGERUNDS動名詞 (どうめいし)


FUN FACT: "4 and 9 are unlucky numbers. I'm guessing few Japanese fans cheer for the San Francisco 49ers, an American football team."

DEFINITION: A gerund is a verb operating as a noun in a sentence: "Playing video games is fun." It is done by adding -ing to the verb. Gerunds are frequently accompanied by a group of words (often referred to a gerund phrase) after it that are linked back to the gerund: "Running in the park after dark is scary." The gerund in the previous sentence is italicized, while the gerund phrase was underlined.


EXAMPLE: "Singing Christmas songs is popular."





Interviewing & Charading: These are two activities which help students practice gerund form of verbs. Following a student-to-student interview, students work in groups and play charades.


Loving the Gerunds: Students practice the usage of gerund sentences by listening and writing.

Make Your Own Sentence: Students create gerund sentences using the elements given on the worksheet.

Practicing Gerunds: Students practice using the gerund through bingo, writing, and more. 
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing: A listening and fill-in-the-blank activity to practice gerunds.
Summer Paradise Song: Students listen to the song "Summer Paradise" by Simple Plan and fill in the blanks on the worksheet.
What Do You LIke To Do: In pairs, students ask "What do you like doing?" and answer with the information on their card.
What's Popular?: Students interview their friends on whether they enjoyed doing last night, write down their answers, and decide what activity is the most popular in their class.

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