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 TRIVIA QUESTION: "What is one of the hardest spoken language in the world?" <see below>


DEFINITION: Submit your definition...this page is also related to the Imperative page.

English Only Challenge (gest): The ALT/JTE put on their acting hats and become the role of various occupations/situations found in English-speaking countries. The students receive Japanese sentences and they must communicate to the ALT, via any communication medium, the meaning of their Japanese sentence.
Meaning Gestures (gest): Students find out about gestures used in Japan and the different meanings they have in the UK.
Move the Baton (gest): Students race in groups to figure out the gesture the teachers perform.
Show Me Meaning (gest): Students work on identifying the role of gestures in conveying meaning and their relationship to language.
Simple Gestures (gest): This activity is a basic charades game that helps students communicate when they don't know the word they are trying to explain.

Table Manners (mann): Talking about table manners and looking at cultural differences.


UK/Japanese Gestures (gest): Students learn about gestures which look the same but have different meanings in Japan and the UK. However, ALTs should use their own country instead of the UK, that is assuming the gestures are used in their country.

Will You? Phone Call (manners): Students fill out phone conversations and practice them using, 'Will you~' language. 




ANSWER: "Basque. It is spoken northwestern Spain and southwestern France. It is not related to any other

language in the world. It has an extremely complicated word structure and vocabulary." (source)



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