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NOTE: This page is home to all the random sections in the New Horizon series. If someone has a better idea on how to store these ideas, I'm all ears.

Go: New Horizon 1

p.011 : Colo(u)rs

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p.012 名前: Names

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p.026 SUMMARY 1: 'Be' Verb

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p.027 STUDY CORNER 1: Writing a Sentence

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p.034 SUMMARY 2: General Verbs

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p.035 LISTEN 1: What Is Being Advertised?

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p.036 SUMMARY 3: Third Person Pronoun (present tense, singular)

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p.057 LISTEN 2: Friend's Profile

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p.067 WRITE 1: School Homepage

School Clubs: Students write about what they do after school and then interview other student.


p.070 LISTEN 3:Travel Abroad

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p.071 SONG: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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p.078 SUMMARY 4: Pronouns (all)

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p.080 WRITE 2: Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards: Students learn about popular western greeting cards, and play popular card games like Karuta.

Making a Card (worksheet only) by Patrick Bickford

Postcard to Kasuga: This is simply an example helper sheet to assist students write a postcard in English. Nothing to exciting here, but it can be useful if your teacher asks you to teach this lesson.


p.088 SUMMARY 5: Present Continuous Verb

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p.089 LISTEN 4: Trouble on a Train

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p.092 MULTI 2: Daily Schedule

Daily Routine: Students race to read and write sentences and complete the passage.

My Day: This worksheet is to help students brainstorm and write about their daily schedule.


p.110 SUMMARY 7: General Verbs (past tense)

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p.111 LISTEN 5: Events During the Holidays

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p.112 SPEAK 4: Doctor

Are You Crazy: Students wander around the classroom trying to find a curable doctor.
Battleship: Students practice various hospital vocabulary while playing battleship.
Doctor Patient Interview: Students take turns being doctor and patient, and interview each other following the dialogue on the worksheet.
Feel Well: This activity is based on the doctor visit dialog in New Horizon's English textbook, but I think this one is more entertaining and teaches various names of illnesses.
How Do You Feel: Students try to win this board game by being doctors (giving diagnosis) and patients (saying the symptom).
How I Feel: The students fill in the hospital language worksheet with the corresponding Japanese.
Mike's Doctor Visit (clipart only)
Ouch: Students learn how to describe their symptoms by playing Janken games
Strange Patient: This a simple guessing game that has students playing the role of a patient who kind of has an idea of what sickness they have, and the doctor is trying to guess whether or not they are lying.
Symptoms (worksheet only)
Visiting a Doctor: Students learn various doctor vocabulary and expressions by completing a crossword and creating a dialogue with their partner.
What's the Matter?: Students learn various ailments by guessing each other's secret ailment.
What's Wrong? Board Game : Students heal their friends in this speaking and reading board game.
p.114 WRITE 3: Writing a Postcard
Picture Postcard:Worksheet to supplement the Writing Plus 3 Picture Postcard section.


p.116 LET'S READ: Over the Horizon

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Go: New Horizon 2

p.02 WARMUP: Speech and a Game

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p.2 WARMUP: What Am I?

What Am I? Quiz (wrksht only by Katie Young): A simple worksheet used as a warm-up for second graders. The first part is an easy crossword puzzle with a section at the bottom for students to write their own riddles.


p.09 LISTEN 2: TV Advertisement

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p.10 WRITE 1: Diary

Crazy Diary Entry: A writing activity that let's students make a crazy diary entry. Student then read their diary entry to the class for lots of fun.
Letter from, A: Students race to read and write sentences and complete the passage.
Liar Diary: Students write a short diary entry about what they did on a selected day. Two sentences are true, while one sentence is false. Their classmates must guess which sentence is a lie.
Weekend Diary: Students race to read and write sentences and complete the passage.
p.17 LISTEN 2: Travel Abroad

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p.20 SUMMARY 1: be動詞のいろいろな動き

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p.21 STUDY CORNER 1: Using a Dictionary

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p.27 LISTEN 3: Housework Survey

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p.28 WRITE 2: Email

Chatspeak (worksheet only) by Lindsay Upton
Email: This activity is to help you explain to your students how to write an email in English.
English E-mail: Students learn how to write and reply to an English e-mail.
Keitai Friends (worksheet only)
p.30 MULTI 1: Summer Vacation

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p.34 LET'S READ 1: Magic Box

MB Crossword by Simon Kelly (worksheet only)

MB Scramble: Teams race to unscramble the Magic Box story. Then, they answer questions to receive 'magic words', which then forms a 'magic question' the teams must answer.


p.39 SONG 1: I Just Called / Stand by Me

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p.45 LISTEN 4: Tomorrow's Weather

Weather in Doko-Doko: This game will help the students ask and answer questions about the weather in some major cities around the world.


p.48 SUMMARY 2: Helping Verbs

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p.49 STUDY CORNER 2: Reading a Sentence

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p.55 LISTEN 5: Today's News

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p.63 LISTEN 6: Broadcast School Lunch Breaks

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p.64 MULTI 2: Introducing Your City

I Love My City: The students fill out a sheet in the style of Multi Plus 2 of New Horizon 2.

My Neighborhood: Students write about their neighborhood.


p.68 LET'S READ: Try to Be the Only One

Clipart for TTBTOO (image only)

Tsutomu Crossword: by Simon Kelly (worksheet only)

 Discovery Race:Students play the classic "Discovery" game to complete an information gap activity about "Try to Be the Only One" reading in New Horizon 2.

Tsutomu's Activity Sheet:Students complete a wordsearch, crossword and question sheet. (worksheet only)

TTBTOO Bingo sheet: A simple bingo sheet using the new vocabulary. (worksheet only)

TTBTOO Sentence Shuflfle: Students shuffle sentences around to put the story back together.


p.73 SONG: Grandfather's Clock / If We Hold

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p. 74 My Favorite Movie

Er Est Worksheet: Students practice using 'er' and 'est' in this fun worksheet. There is also a riddle at the end for students to solve.


p.79 LISTEN 7: Movie Hit Chart

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p.80 SPEAK 4: Shopping

Shall I? (shopping): You give them sentences. They perform the action.

Shall I Show You Cuter (shopping): This is a simple activity to get students to speak to each other while using the target grammar of, "Shall I...?"

Shopping Game (shopping): Students are divided into shopkeepers and customers and role play.


p.82: WRITE 3: Poems

Beginners Poetry: This is a poetry-writing exercise allows students the chance to express themselves via the beautiful language of poetry.
Haiku Samples: (worksheet only)
p.84 SUMMARY 3: Comparatives/Superlatives

submission forms


p.85 STUDY CORNER 3: Agree/Disagree

Code Blue: Students take turns asking each other which things they like better following the dialogue on the worksheet.
Optical Illusions: Student's agree or disagree with each other about double picture optical illusions.
Which Is Better: Students interview each other about which of two things is better, stronger, harder etc.
p.86 MULTI 3: What I Like

Few of My Favourite Things, A: Students write down their favourite things and interview other students. They finish off the activity preparing a speech.


p.90 LET'S READ 3: Can Anyone Hear Me?

CAHM Crossword by Simon Kelly (worksheet only)

CAHM Wordsearch (worksheet only)

Clipart for CAHM (image only)

Reading Discovery: Students search the classroom for questions and tell the answers to the teacher.

Go: New Horizon 3

p.02 WARMUP: Speech and a Game

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p.04 LISTEN 1: Volunteer Work

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p.10 MULTI 1: Japanese Culture ( called)

Introduction to Japanese Culture (worksheet only) by Simon Kelly

Super Team Quiz: Teams quiz each other on their knowledge of English for points in this fun, motivational speaking game.

Teach Japan: Students write about Japan and have a speaking test.


p.19 LISTEN 2: News Report from a Concert

World Travelers:Students interview each other at a school reunion to find out where they've been since graduation.


p.20 WRITE 1: Writing a Letter

Writing Fan Mail: A template for the NH 3 Writing +1 activity, writing fan mail.


p.27 LISTEN 3: Knowing about Ghana

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p.30 SUMMARY 1: Past Participle Verbs

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p.32 MULTI 2: School Trip

Fib: Students try to slip in a 'white-lie' when writing about their school trip.
Make a Newspaper: Make a front page to a newspaper.
Trip Diary: Students write about their class trips.
p.38 LET'S READ 1: Mother's Lullaby
Lullaby Crossword [Part 1][Part 2] by Simon Kelly (worksheet only)
Lullaby Race: A put-it-together game to practice speaking, listening and reading of New Horizon's A Mother's Lullaby.
p.43 SONG 1: Puff the Magic Dragon / Hero
Puff the Magic Dragon Listening: A worksheet with lyrics to 'Puff the Magic Dragon' in English and Japanese. Students must listen and write down corresponding rhyming words to those words listed in the box. The box can be edited to include anything, i.e. simply vocabulary, past tense, etc.
p.49 LISTEN 4: Rakugo Concert
p.52 SUMMARY 2: Infinitives
p.56 READ: Electronic Dictionary Debate
p.67 LISTEN 6: 20th Century Star
p.68 WRITE 2: Banning Plastic Bags
p.70 SUMMARY 3: Post-Modifications
p.71 STUDY CORNER 2: 5 Types of Post-Mod.
p.72 WRITE 3: Video Games vs. Studying
p.78 LET'S READ 2: Roy Brown
p.83 SONG 2: Country Roads / We Are World
p.84 LET'S READ 3: Artist in the Arctic
Alaska PPT (PPT Only by Joy Baab): Students view beautiful pictures of Alaska and choose their favorite.
An Artist in the Arctic WS: Students complete a word search by using clues from the teachers.





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