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名詞 (めいし) 複数形 (ふくすうけい) 


FUN FACT: "Screeched and strengths are the longest one-syllable words in the English language." 

Related to 'How' Question page / Total English's (grade 1) 'fast food restaurant' page.

DEFINITION: Depending on how many people/objects you are talking about in a sentence, the object (noun) changes from singular to plural.


EXAMPLE: I have one dog. I have two dogs.



  • Nouns ending in -ch, -x, -s or s-like sounds require an -es for the plural: box = boxes.
  • To pluralize a noun that ends in a -y consonant, change the -y to an -i and add -es: country = countries
  • To pluralize a noun that ends in -f or -fe, you usually change the f-sound to a v-sound and add -s or -es: life = lives


3 Cats: Students practice (or are introduced to) plural nouns by finding easy words in a word search, then reporting how many of each word they have found.
Cat & Mouse: A cat chases mice around a gameboard while practicing forming noun plural sentences.
Fast Food Role Play: Students do a role play set in a fast food restaurant.
Janken Swap: A card game where students janken and win cards from their opponents. 
Making Monsters: This is a drawing activity for Halloween that can be used to teach body parts and plurals.
Plural Monster Drawing: Students draw monsters while practicing body parts.
Run and Read: Pair activity that involves students finding information that is scattered around the classroom and passing it on to their partner. It practices plural nouns and can also be used for "How many..." questions. It also intergrates all four Parts of Learning.
Wally Counting Challenge: Students use the Where's Wally picture to answer the questions by counting the objects/people.





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