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                  (敬語 or けいご)                                   (おねがいごと )


This point is also related to: Shopping 


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NOTE: Throughout the JHS textbooks, various Polite Language words and/or phrases are taught. They don't teach any new grammar, so I built this page in hopes to corral them all into one easy accessible webpage. We'll see how this goes. This page will most likely keep getting tweaked to fine tune it to better meet your needs. If you have any comments, suggestions and/or complaints write them below.


Also, the "Can I/you..." 'grammar' page has been linked to the general 'Can' Helping Verb page.



  • Could you...
    • (2012) C: Could you tell him to call me back, please?
    • (2012) NC: Could you ask him to call me?
  • May/Could I...
    • (2006) NC: Ms Hara, may I ask a question? Growing plants on roofs may be the best way to fight heat islands.
    • (2006) OW: May I be excused? May I help you?
    • (2006) S: May I help you?
    • (2006) TE: May I use the phone?
    • (2012) C: May I speak to Mr. Tanaka? May I ask something?
    • (2012) NC: May I have some more?
    • (2012) NH: May I use your pen? May I speak to Becky, please? Could you read this letter to me?
  • Shall I...
    • (2006) OW: Shall I do that?
    • (2006) S: Shall I open the door?
    • (2006) TE: Shall I open the window?
    • (2012) NC: Shall I take your bags?
    • (2012) NH: Shall I show you a bigger one?
  • Would you like to/some...
    • (2006) OW: Would you like some more water? Would you like anything to drink?
    • (2012) C: Would you like to leave a message?
    • (2012) NC: Would you add this to your box?
    • (2012) NH: Would you like to come with me? Would you like some more?
  • Why don't we...
    • (2012) NC: Why don't we kick the ball around?
  • Will You...
    • (2012) C: Hiroshi, will you open the windows?


May/Could I...

Characters Calling (phone call): This activity is to help students get familiar with speaking on the phone and inviting their friends out.
I'm Full (phone call): Students trade cards with each other in order to get a full meal and declare, "I'm full!"
May I Ask You a Favor (request): Students fill-in-the-blanks of their worksheets, and then ask each other favors.
'May I' Card Game (request): This is a simple card game that uses the polite request form and its answers. It is an extremely simple game for the students to pick up and start playing quickly.
May I Give You a Bomb
(request): A quick activity to teach the "May I" grammar point and wake up the students.
May I Go Fish (request): Students practice asking politely for food and food-related items using "May I have...?" in a game of Go Fish.
May I Have Some Blanks? : An activity sheet for students to make their own skits based on Unit 3, Speaking Plus 2 of the New Horizon textbook.
May I Janken Out? (phone call): Students interview each other and play janken. The point of the game is to try not to ‘Janken out’.
May I Speak to
(phone call): This is a simple activity to get students to speak to each other while using the target grammar.
May I Take Your Order? (restaurant):Students act as waiters, playing janken and taking orders to see who can make the most money in this quick and easy to set up game! Based on Sunshine 3's Speaking 2.
Phone Janken Out (phone call): Student engage in a fun conversational activity that practices an easy phone conversation.
Remember (phone call): Students aim to remember multiple 'may/could I...' sentences.
Role Play (request): Students create their own dialogue based on the New Horizon's Speak+ 2-1.

Will You, May I: This janken tournament will help students practice using 'May I~' phrases.  Game play is similar to Shinka.

Shall I...

Shall I? (shopping): You give them sentences. They perform the action.


Shall I Naughts and Crosses:Typical game of naughts and crosses using the target sentence/s.


Shall I Show You Cuter (shopping): This is a simple activity to get students to speak to each other while using the target grammar of, "Shall I...?"

Shopping For Mom: Mom is sick.  She needs you to do some shopping.  Students learn about shopping language in this role playing game.   


Shopping Game (shopping): Students are divided into shopkeepers and customers and role play.

Will You, Shall I: This janken tournament will help students practice using 'Shall I~' phrases.  Game play is similar to Shinka.



Why don't we...

Why Don't We Interview: A short interview activity for groups of 3-4 students. 


Could you...

No activities submitted, yet...


Will you...

Will You Get a Card  (request): Students ask fun / silly requests to try to get the most cards.


Would you like to/some...

Concert Tickets (to): Students try to get tickets to see their favourite bands.
Feed the King (some): A quick and useful game where students attempt to fill the king's plate by asking each other "Would you like some...?"
Fish Go (some): This is a group card activity that practices offering food using "Would you like...?" It is the reverse of "Go Fish" so the students give cards instead of taking them. It also practices "some" v. "a" a little bit.
Hungry, Hungry HIPPO (some): Students play a fun card game while practicing "Would you like some...?"
Hungry Jack (some): A non-gambling Blackjack variation with cards offered as food, drinks or cake.
Health Pyramid (some): Students ask each other questions from the worksheet to find their partner's health level.
Invite Me Baby (to): Students aim to understand the grammar and form a free-dialogue around asking polite questions.
My Schedule (to): The students write out a week long schedule and ask their friends to go to places with them.
Order a Pizza (some): Students learn how to order a pizza and the names of some popular toppings. They also learn how to ask for things using 'pieces'.
Polite Conversations (some): Students practice speaking and polite conversation with a fun comic.
Polite Questions (to): Students try to find the other person in the class who is holding the same card as they are by using polite questions.
Speaking 4 I Phone (phone call): Used for Sunshine's speaking 4. Students write about what they see on the 'I phones.'
'Would You Like to' Interview (to): Students try to ask 16 other students "Would you like to..." questions.





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