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前置詞  (ぜんちし) 


FUN FACT:"Euouae, a medieval music term, is the longest word in English that contains only vowels. It's also the word with the most consecutive vowels."

...this page is also related to the 'Where' Question page.



Actionnaire: Students practice saying prepositional sentences and watch them come true right in front of their eyes.
ALT's Room: Students practice using prepositional phrases in speech by questioning the ALT/JTL about where they put certain object on a worksheet.
Andy's Bedroom: Students listen to the teacher describe their bedroom and they must draw it. Afterwards, they write sentences about what they've drawn.
Bedroom Antics: Students race descriptive bedroom sentences down their row in hopes to be the fastest to draw the sentence on the chalkboard.
Bedroom Drawing: Students listen to their partner’s instructions and attempt to draw a replica of a bedroom.
Brain Training: A competition where teams answer questions based on pictures they've seen for 10 seconds.
Broken Telephone: Every row in the classroom forms a group, a metaphorical 'telephone cord'. The goal is for each group to race in order to verbally pass a word, phrase or sentence down their team's telephone cord and the last person must repeat it to one of the teachers. This game is sometimes called でんごうゲーム in Japanese.
Christmas Decorations: Students decorate the classroom for Christmas and talk about the decorations with the teachers.
Fun With Prepositions: Using teamwork, students search for pictures around the room and describe it to their team members.
Good Witness: Students test their memory by looking at a picture and in prepositional phrase form, writing what they saw.
In a Dark Room: Students close their eyes and imagine the story you tell them. Upon opening their eyes, they complete a worksheet based upon their imagination.
Is There Sumo In America?: Students play a true or false guessing game about America while using "there is/are."
It's About Christmas: A Christmas-themed worksheet activity where students learn Christmas vocabulary and create sentences with prepositional phrases.
Kathy's Game: A fast-paced game where teams race to be the first to do the instructions correctly.
Monster In the Bedroom: Students listen to where the objects are and then connect the dots to find the hidden animal.
My Home (there is/are): This is a simple writing activity for grade 1 students using the "there is..." grammar.
Preposition Partners: Basic info gap activity for basic prepositions of location.
Preposition Pictionary: This game is played like you would Pictionary, except all the cards are in the form of prepositions.
Preposition Scavenger Hunt: This is a scavenger hunt activity around the classroom using prepositions.
Preppy Shapes: A fun point-based competition between groups aimed at reviewing the students' knowledge of shapes and prepositions.
Prep with Waldo: This is a simple listen/verify activity to practice prepositions. It can also be used as a reading activity.
Rescue 119: Students help rescue plan crash victims by locating them in a classroom and then writing a report to submit to the rescue authorities.
Room Survey (wrksht only): Students take turns asking "Is there~?" / "Are there~?"questions from their "clipboard."
SketchING: Students practice the present progressive (~ing) while having fun testing out their art skills.
Spiders in the Kitchen: Students use the "There is/are..." target expression while enjoying a quiz-like activity.
Summer in the Park: Students draw a detailed park picture based upon your prepositional sentences.
Tangram Battle: Tangrams are Chinese puzzles. In this fast-paced game, students compete to be the first team to assemble a tangram. This activity stresses fluency over accuracy and focuses on upon prepositions of location.
Tonari Friends: Tonari means 'next to'. Students have a worksheet in front of them. Based upon your prepositional sentences, they must find each character.
Waldo: This activity is a report and write game about finding Waldo.
What's the Diff?: Students remember the placement of objects on a scene while practicing simple past tense verbs.
Where Again: Good & easy speaking practice idea for students to work together to find out the locations of the items in their school.





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