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(Activities that review all question words at once) 


FUN FACT: "Geisha means 'person of the arts' and the first geisha were actually men." (source 


EXAMPLE: Who, what, when, where, how


It's A Party: All your favorite characters and celebrities are having a party.  Can you understand the invitation?  This group game reviews question words with reading and writing.

Question Review: This activity is a question/answer review that reviews the following question words: when, where, who, whose, what, how and which.

Question Survey: Worksheet only


Question Survey Simplified: Similar to the worksheet above but more suitable for lower level students and in pdf format.

Sagasu Game:Sagasu is Japanese for search. In groups of four, students must work together to complete a list of questions. They do this by searching out information about famous people that has been dumbed-down to their English ability.

What Am I?: Similar to Twenty Questions, students ask questions to figure out their classmate's secret object.





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