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FUN FACT: "Import beer is comparable in price and sometimes cheaper than Japanese beer."

...this page is also related to the Prepositions page


But Not Okinawa: Students test their knowledge of Japan's prefectures, minus Okinawa and Nagasaki, and then practice asking about the location of the prefectures they don't know.
Famous Travelers: This is a listening activity that links famous people with a country and a form of transportation.
Famous Birthplaces (wrkst only): Students complete an information gap activity by asking "Where is~ from?"
Grapevine: This is a simple guess-where-a-character-is game.
Hunting: Students work in groups to fill in the worksheet on where stuff is in.
Suspect: A famous person(s) stole Kumi Koda’s (Japanese singer) cake from her locker. Students interview the famous people to uncover the culprit.

Where Again: Good & easy speaking practice idea for students to work together to find out the locations of the items in their school.


Where Is Christmas: A pair game of deduction based on prepositions (in, on, under, by) that has them trying to find the room that their partner selected.


Where Is Oguri: This is an information gap exercise where pairs of students ask each other the question, "Where is...?"


Where's The Pickle: A fun activity based on the Christmas tradition of finding the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree.





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