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Go: JHS Grammar PageYEAR-END REVIEW (grade 1)


FUN FACT: "Japan has not yet signed the Hague Convention Treaty." (international child abduction issue)  


NOTE: なし

ABNQMK: Stands for Almost but Not Quite Mario Kart. Students battle to be the quickest to finish this year end review race.


Ask and Seek: Students ask four questions to find their partner's identity. This is a good pairwork activity for 1st year students to review four different grammar points.


Bizz Quiz: Groups complete in this Jeopardy-style game to answer various questions, depending on their grade level.


Crossword Challenge (New Horizon): Three crossword puzzles with almost all vocabulary from the New Horizon series (grade 1: units 7-11). Students must translate and fill in the blanks to finish.


Describe It: Talk, Act, or Draw! Whichever you choose, it's sure to be fun and challenging! Describe It is an all-in-one Taboo, Charades and Pictionary game.


Exploding Sentences: Students draw cards from a Mystery Box and practice saying the target word and example sentence.


Flow Chart: Students ask yes/no questions to decide what type of person their friends are.

Jump Thru Hoops (New Horizon): Students have to complete a series of seven puzzles in order to figure out the secret sentence.


Horoscope Review: Students review 1st year grammar points by playing Janken and finding their horoscopes. This activity is mainly created for students to practice speaking, so therefore writing their answers in complete sentences is good but not necessary.


Katakana Karuta: Students learn to hear the difference between katakana pronunciation and REAL English by playing this fast paced card game.


Magic Word Box: Students review vocab they've learned by pulling words out of a box and getting their team to guess by drawing, gesturing or using hints in English.


Machine Gun Talk: Students get a chance to practice speaking and interacting with ALT/JTE by challenging their quick response to random questions.


Memory Race: This is a team-race-game in which students must piece together 10 sentences that have been cut up and jumbled in envelopes, write them down, memorize and then recite the sentence to the ALT. Everyone in each team should get to read/write/speak in this activity.


Mumble Movie Quiz: Students watch the Mumble penguin movie and fill-out the worksheet, possibly even surfing the Mumble website and allowing your students to play some exciting games.

Practice Test: This is a practice exam for the 3rd term of 1st grade.
Riddles: Give the students hints and let them try to guess the English word.
Sengoku Jidai (Sunshine): A review quiz game where students battle for territory of Japan.
Sengoku Review (Columbus21):A year-end review strategy game played by the whole class. Teams roll a dice then ask and answer questions to invade other team's prefectures. 
Sentence Challenge: Each student is given seperate words from a sentence. They have to work as a team to put the sentence together.
Six Corners: Students receive character cards and must work together in the group to answer all the questions on their worksheets.
Speed Interview: Students use all the grammar they've learned to ask/answer as many questions as they can within a certain time frame.

Super Mario Typhoon:Students review what was studied in the year with a fun, 48 question Power Point quiz based on Mario.

T-Puzzle: A four Parts of Learning activity that can be used to review any grammar point for any grade.

What Am I?: Similar to Twenty Questions, students ask questions to figure out their classmate's secret object.

Year End Crossword (wrksht only): This is a year end crossword review built around Total English, but it can be used by all.  The PDF includes grade 1 and 2 reviews.





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