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NOTES: This page contains a mix of grammar points found in the various textbook shopping lessons.



100 Yen Shop: Students guess which items are 100 yen or antiques.
Buying & Selling: Game involving every student, reviews numbers 10-100.


Comparative Shopping:Students divide into shopkeepers and customers and role play. Customers use comparative adjectives to request a different item.


Fashion Designer:Activity designed around the buying experience presented for Speaking 5 in Sunshine 3. In pairs, one student buys a custom outfit while the other designs their request.



Going Shopping: Students read a passage in the past tense and use logic, reading comprehension, writing, and math to complete the activity.

How Much Is It Coin Slide (ES): A different spin on Bingo where students use their coin sliding skills to mark off their card. 


How Much Shopping (ES): Students ask "How much is~?" to find out the prices of the items in this info gap activity 

Let's Go Shopping: Students role-play as Shop Clerk and Customer. (Designed specifically for Sunshine 1 Speaking 4)

Monster Market: Students shop for monsters.


Shall I? (shopping): You give them sentences. They perform the action.

Shall I Shopping: Students practice "Shall i show you..." while role playing shopping for clothes.


Shall I Show You Cuter (shopping): This is a simple activity to get students to speak to each other while using the target grammar of, "Shall I...?"


Shopping!: This activity is dialog practice, repeating the patterns in the textbook but allowing students to modify the given sentences.

Shopping For Mom: Mom is sick.  She needs you to do some shopping.  Students learn about shopping language in this role playing game. 


Shopping Game (shopping): Students are divided into shopkeepers and customers and role play.


Shopping Jumble: A Sunshine based shopping activity. Students arrange a jumbled dialog between Kenta, and a shop clerk.  


Shop Till You Drop: Students practice shopping dialogue and use a shopping catalogue to make a shopping list. They then buy items.


Shopping with the Stars: Students choose a star and go shopping for all the things that their new stardom requires of them.


Shopping Yesterday: Students read a short passage and answer the Past Tense questions.
Sunshine Shopping: A basic LP for Year 3 Speaking 5 of Sunshine which can be easily adapted.

Sunshine Shopping 2: "Do you have a larger one?"


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