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電話の会話  (でんわのかいわ) 


FUN FACT: This page has no fact submitted yet. Contact us if you have a Fun Fact! (Make sure to include a link to this page in your email.)  


NOTE: There are various telephone conversations located throughout the textbooks. I built this page in hopes to corral them all into one easy accessible webpage. We'll see how it goes. This page will most likely keep getting tweeked to fine tune it to better meet your needs. If you have any comments, suggestions and/or complaints write them below.


 Hello? Hello, Kevin? This is Lisa.

Bringo: Students learn simple telephone conversation English and practice it via bingo.


Call Me Up: Students aim to communicate with each other without actually seeing each other, as they would on a telephone.


How To Make A Phone Call: A flowchart to model a variety of possible phone conversations. It is useful as a supplement in a skit writing activity and covers many telephone grammar points.  


I'm Calling Who: Students call each other up based on the slip of paper they receive.


I Need Some Help!: Students read an example conversation and then in pairs, make and practice their own.


Mario Dinner: This is a 3-step Speaking Plus activity to add structure to the Speaking Plus 3 area of first grade textbook. Enables students to produce their own dialogue in the end.


On the Phone: Students listen to telephone conversations and fill-in-the-blanks. Then, they make their own original conversations.

 May I speak to Becky, please?

(Located in Polite Language)






Can you help me?

(Also, try 'Can' Helping Verb / Polite Language)


 Do you want her to call you back?

(Located in Verb, Infinitive (~suru koto))






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