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Go: JHS Grammar Page'BE' VERB (is, am, are)

 be 動詞 (be どうし)


FUN FACT: "Japan's highway speeds are 80kph (48mph)."



Am Signature Bingo: Students ask each other "Are you...?" questions and collect signatures.
Are You Baikinman: Students practice the grammar "Are you... / Yes, I am / No, I'm not" whilst trying to find who is Baikinman and who are the spiders. Then in round 2, they try to guess who is from Africa and who is from America.
Are You Bingo: This is an interview game, with a Bingo twist.
Are You Guessing: This is a short (and hopefully fun) speaking activity that practices the grammar point, "Are you ~ ?"
Are You Hideki: This activity consists of two smaller activities: guessing and interview game.

Are You? Interview:
Students answer and make, 'Are you ~?' questions.  They then interview their friends.
Be Race: Students fill in the correct 'Be' form and race to the finish.
'Be' Verb Fruit Basket: Play a Japanese favorite Fruit Basket game using the ‘be’ verb.

Character Design: Students choose character qualities and draw a character.  They describe the character to the class. 
Emotion Basket: The students might be in junior high school but they still like to play Fruit Basket. This is an activity for brand new students. It should make them more confident with their speaking.
Find the Wrong Is/Are: This is a game in which the students race to be the first to find all the grammar mistakes.
Got It!: Students aim to collect as many points as they can by asking questions to discover the object the teacher secretly chose.
Greetings: Somewhere in the 1st year textbook, students have to learn how to give reactions and learn appropriate responses. This would be a fun game for students to practice giving the appropriate responses as they try to win the game.
Guessing: Students choose one character from the worksheet and their partner guesses who they are by asking a series of "are you..." questions.
Guess Me: Students ask 5 questions and guess the secrete identity of their group members.

Guess Which Student: Students write about themselves and guess who wrote what in a fun guessing game. 

Guess Who?: Students ask their friends about their secret character and guess who they might be. 
Heads Down, Thumbs Up: Students desperately try to find the mystery people from China and Australia in this rather simple and fun game that really gets them practicing the phrase, "Are you from China?"

I Am From: Students introduce which country they are from based upon the flag they are holding.


I Am Mr. Tornado:A fast-paced game that gets students cooperatively writing and saying aloud sentences using the "be"-verb. They build houses instead of earning points, and pulling the Mr. Tornado card blows down (erases) all their houses!


Introducing Characters: Students mingle and exchange character cards whilst introducing the characters to their friends. The aim is to try to find out the relationship of as many characters as possible within 8 minutes.

Is He / She? : (wrksht only) Students try to guess the silhouette with or without a hint using the quesiton, 'Is he / she ~?'

My Home Country: This is a simple King of Janken type game in which the students look for people that have the same card.


Odd One Out: Students complete a worksheet which features is and are in the same sentence.


Owner & Pet: Students use the grammar and information cards to make pairs and find their pet or owner.


Sazae-san Family: This is a simple game in which the students become a member of the Sazae-san family. The goal of the game is find the other characters and make Sazae-san's family.


Spongy Intros: The aim of this worksheet is to help 1st graders practice self-introductions and understand its format structure. It was made for the New Horizon textbook, but can be easily adapted to any of the textbooks.


Surprise Origin:Students run around the classroom playing janken and discover where their classmates are from.


This Is a Blackout: (Wrksht only) An information gap activity where students ask each other, "Is this a ~?" in order to guess the shadows on their worksheets.


What's This Game: Students divide into groups and try to guess what's on other groups' cards. The students ask "Is it a ~?" until they guess right. They then report back to their own group and write down the answer. 





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