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三人称単数現在動詞 (さんにんしょうたんすげんざい)


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...this page is also related to the Pronoun page.

DEFINITION: When a sentence contains a 3rd person pronoun (he/she/it) or when using a person's name, the verb uses the plural form (meaning, an "s" is attached).



  • 'DOES' HELPING VERB: Does she like soccer? Does he play basketball?
  • 3RD PERSON SINGULAR PRESENT TENSE: Lisa likes soccer. He plays basketball. It uses oil.


Chaotic Interviewing('does' & plural verbs): Students take turns being reporters and writers in this fast-paced and deliciously confusing interview game.


Does('does'): Students work together to interview one another (including the alt) and fill out the worksheet.

Does, Doesn't Quiz: Students play janken and quiz their friends to find their secret character while practicing, 'Does' and 'Doesn't'. 


Does He Like Sushi: Students interview three friends and try to guess which character they have chosen using "Does she/he...?" questions and a process of elimination.


Does Information Gap('does'): Students practice asking each other questions using the question word 'does'.

Does/doesn't Battleship('does'): A Battleship game using does/doesn't( wrkst only).

Do You Know the Monster?: Students find matches for their character worksheet using, 'He lives in America.' grammar in this Halloween themed (but useful for anytime) worksheet. 


Do you like ゴキブリ?('does' & plural verbs. Also, it has a 'do' option): 'Gokiburi' means cockroach. Students play Janken to evolve from a cockroach to a human being. This cockroach game is a review for the 'do' helping verb and also practices the 'does' helping verb.

Dracula Likes Halloween: Students practice plural present verbs in a Halloween-themed activity and bingo.
Guess Your Friends: Students write their own self introduction. The teacher shuffles them and hands them out again. Then students read the introductions using he/she and the other students guess who it is.
Halloween Character Match: Students match a description to a picture of Halloween characters and write the sentence, changing the verb to a 3rd person singular form.
I Like Halloween: Students exchange character cards and find out what each character does. The aim is to collect as many characters as possible.

Janken Points: Students read English and play Janken to battle their friends.  This activity uses both positive and negative sentences. 
Like Likes: This is an interview game for using "Do you like...?"
MadLibs - Mr. Matsumoto(plural verbs): Students fill-in-the-blanks of a MadLib and read their funny stories.
Make A Face: Students connect numbers to the correct phrases and finally to the appropriate pictures.
Make A Monster: Students use present tense plural verbs to form sentences to describe an original monster.
Reading Race: Groups race to answer questions about Lilo (of Lilo and Stitch fame) from a text. Once the activity is underway, you can relax and enjoy watching the activity you've set in motion!
Squares(plural verbs): In this strategy game, students draw lines to try and complete a square.
Star Guessing ('does'): Students guess each other's chosen person by asking "does" questions.
Thief!('does' & plural verbs): Students compose a series of questions to try and guess who the thief of the chocolate cake the Alt made was.
Who Likes Monsters(plural verbs): Students write third person sentences. Then play the Englipedia "Squares" game, only a halloween version.





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