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Go: JHS Grammar PageFUTURE TENSE VERB (will)

未来形の動詞 (みらいけいのどうし)


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...this page is also related to the Future Tense Verb (am going) page.

DEFINITION: 'Will' is used:

  • When something in progress at a future point of time.
  • When you anticipate something without really arranging it.
  • To avoid something sounding like a refusal in negative sentences.
  • To avoid something sounding like a request in questions.



  • NEW CROW: They will disappear.
    will show you her picture tomorrow.
  • ONE WORLD: Teshimo will work well.
  • SUNSHINE: Then I'll call him tonight.
  • TOTAL ENGLISH: Jim will arrive at three o'clock


NOTE: All the MEXT-approved textbooks split the future tense into two parts: 'will' and 'am going. This page focuses on 'will'.




Back to the Future: Let's students review simple past tense whilst introducing simple future tense.
Busy Schedule: A simple Information gap activity where students ask partners questions using the future tense to find out what certain characters are doing when.
Fortune Telling: Students tell their friend's future by randomly selecting people, places and things they want, then narrowing the possibilities until one is left in each category.
Future Deductions: Students try to uncover their partner's secret animal based upon deductive reasoning using future tense questions.
Future World Cup 2010: A mechanical practice game to practice "Will you...?"

Guess Who?: Students try to figure out their partners character using the grammar, 'Will you ~?'

How About You?: Students practice, 'I will~ on ~.' in pairs. This worksheet covers reading, writing, and listening.
I Will: Students write sentences about their future. After they finish writing, students listen to their friends talk about their future while taking notes.
Omikuji Fortune Telling: Students draw fortunes (omikuji) from different categories to determine their futures!
Plane Crash: The students are given a plane crash scenario and they must choose objects from the crash to carry with them to survive.
When Do You Have Plans?: Students invite each other to do things and write about their friends' plans in this speaking, listening, and writing activity.
Will Be Jobs: Students learn a variety of job names and then decide what their classmates will be in the future.
Will Interviews: This is a very basic, quick and easy "Will you ~?" interview game.
Will You Bingo: Students practice the future tense while playing Janken with each other in hopes get a bingo.
Will You Dance?:Students practice their self-introduction to find their dance partner(s).
You Will Get Your Fortune: Students ask ALT and JTE for their fortunes by picking one out of three cards.





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