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Go: JHS Grammar PageINFINITIVE VERB (suru tame ni)

不定詞(ふていし): ~するために


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DEFINITION: For this infinitive verb pattern, you can quite literally insert "in order" immediately before the infinitive verb: "I use a computer in orderto play games." The infinitive verb in this sentence pattern takes the regular form of the verb: 「to+動詞の原形」 で 「~するために」 という意味を表す。



  • NEW CROWN: I go to the park to see trees.
  • NEW HORIZON: I use a computer to play games.
  • ONE WORLD: To understand the culture and history of the Maori people.
  • SUNSHINE: I went there to play soccer.
  • TOTAL ENGLISH: I went to the station to see my uncle.

Class Survey: Students survey each other about the reasons they do things using "Do you..? Why?" and "I ... to ...". At the end they make a pie chart from the answers.


Infinitive Cards: Students talk to each other, trying to match the sentence fragments on their cards.


Infinitive Clue: Students work in groups to guess the correct compontents which make up a sentence using basic infinitive sentences.


Infinitive Fun: Students must connect the nouns with the correct verbs, followed by writing and reading practice.









Infinitive Madlib: Students will (hopefully) make a funny story using the template of a Madlib that uses the target grammar.


I Want to Get Away:This activity uses Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away as a warm-up to segment into a bingo interview game and finally a writing exercise.


Occupations: Students use their imaginations and share their dreams with the class. This is a 2 hour activity but can be used as one class (teachers will have to do some adjustments or pick & choose which activity to use).

Split Infinitives: Students have to connect the infinitive sentences.


Want to Go to Saizeriya: Students think of reasons to complete the sentences.


What Is This Used For: A matching memory card game.





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