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 受け身 or 受動態 (うけみ or じゅどうたい)


FUN FACT: "The average speed on Japan's roads is 40-50kph (30mph)."  



Cleaning the Haunted House: Two fun passive voice riddles that can be used after students learn to use the passive voice.
Find the Couple: This is a simple activity where students ask each other passive-voiced questions to find out which two students on their worksheets are a couple.
Funky Sentences: Students work in groups to formulate relative pronoun sentences following guideline keywords given by other student groups.
Is Sumo Played In Italy?: This is a writing activity where students practice constructing passive voice sentences.
Let's Cook: Students try to guess what other teams cooked whilst using the Passive Voice Verbs.
Mad Libs! Momotoro:  Students choose words for various categories, then use their choices to make a Momotaro-inspired Mad Libs story.
Mastermind: This game can be adapted for any grammar point. It encourages students to create, and say aloud a particular grammar point repeatedly.
Passive Beginnings: This information gap game is pretty self-explanatory.
Passive Picture Guess: Students race to explain the pictures using the grammar point.
Past Passive Quiz: Students read a series of 10 trivia questions in the past passive voice and choose the right answer.

Seasonal Food (Shun) Game: Students guess the seasonal foods of Japan using passive voice.


Sentence Making Relay: Students try to make passive sentences from sheets over paper located on the walls of the classroom.


Show and Tell II: ALT gives an example of a Show-n-Tell speech. Students write and perform their own speech.


Straight Forward Passives (Wrkst only): Students practice constructing their own passive sentences.


Tools of the Trade: This simple activity is to introduce the simple Passive Voice phrase " used by...", and to expose the class to various tools people use in their occupations.


Wordsearch Puzzle:  A puzzle and wordsearch combined. Use with Total English 3 pg 12~15.





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