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Go: JHS Grammar PagePAST CONTINUOUS VERBS (a.k.a. 'Past Progressive Verbs')

 過去進行形 (かこしんこうけい)


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Detective: Students try to find a murderer.
Dynamic Scene: Students have to memorize a picture and answer questions about it using Past Progressive Verbs.
Golden Mask: This worksheet and activity focuses on the past progressive. Students must first solve a mystery and then create their own mystery.
I Was Alibi Searching: Whole class mingles asking and answering questions to find two mystery criminals.
I Was Watching TV: Students practice reading and translating past progressive sentences using cute power point slides.
Mickey's Dead:Students become well-known characters and apply their basic grammar skills to figure out who did what many of us would die to do: kill Mickey Mouse.This exciting review game will have your students combining the grammar they have learned with their heads to solve the mystery of which one of them killed that hated mouse in this tub-thumping twist of the classic whodunit.

PPP: This activity works on Past Progressive Pair work (was/were + verb'ing').


Ryo's Doings: Students pretend to be interested in pro-golfer Ishikawa Ryo's schedule and try to find out what he was doing over the weekend.


Story Time: Students utilize intreresting photographs to formulate a past tense story.

Was & Did: Working in pairs, one student gives their partners past tense and past participle questions while their partners search out two pictures across the room looking for the answers.
Uno: Students enjoy playing Uno while practicing asking/telling the time.
Was Eating Cookies: Students are given a small card with their alibi written on it. They will then ask each other "What were you doing last night?" to fill in the schedule on the handout. Students will try to find out who was eating the cookies last night.





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