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 現在進行形 (げんざいしんこうけい)


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DEFINITION: A Present Progressive verb is also called Present Continuous. This verb pattern looks like this: ('be' verb + verb-ing). This verb tense is mainly used to refer to temporary events/actions which have begun but are not yet completed.


EXAMPLE: Koji is cooking.



Charading: This activity practices the present progressive verb tense (verb + ing) and then plays a fun charades game.

Continuous Guessing: A Guess Who-styled game using character cards and tokens.
Cooking Hello Kitty: Students work in teams to read a crazy part-sentence, draw it and report back to the ALT/JTE.
Godzilla Playing:Students form sentences using the present progressive and visual cards
ING, The: A 4-part activity consisting of writing, information gap, and Battleship games.
Mastermind: This game can be adapted for any grammar point. It encourages students to create, and say aloud a particular grammar point repeatedly.

Save The City!: Students practice creating and saying present progressive verb sentences by choosing random names and verbs out of grab bags and forming sentences. Once their team has cleared a level, they can shoot at bombs gradually making their way down the chalkboard to the city below.


SketchING: Students practice the present progressive (~ing) while having fun testing out their art skills.


School Trip: Students learn to buy what is necessary for their Mt. Fuji camping trip.


Student Examples: Students answer questions about what other students are doing.

Up & Down: Students play a Snake-n-Ladders type of game while practicing not only the present continuous form (is cooking) but also the past tense singular/plural forms (was/were cooking).


Washing His Face: Students practice using present continuous sentences and reviewing “who is ~” while playing a competition games in class.


What Is He Doing: Students practice Present Continuous verbs while completing a worksheet.


What Is Yoda Doing: An information gap activity which can be played in pairs or a class where students find out what various characters are doing.





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