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10 Questions



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY:  20 Questions game

EDITED BY: Fiona Steele

GRAMMAR:  'Who' Question / Pronoun

EXAMPLE: Who am I?

DATE ADDED: Nov. 22, 2007


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: By asking yes/no questions, students must guess the target word or Japanese celebrity.





  1. After splitting the class into teams, the ALT/JTE
    choose one target word or Japanese celebrity.
  2. Students guess the target word or Japanese celebrity by asking yes/no questions.
  3. A 'yes' answer allows a team to ask another question. A 'no' answer and control goes to the next team. If they fail to guess after 10 questions, the answer is revealed.
  4. Points are awarded to the team guessing the target word/Japanese celebrity correctly



  • To help low level students, make a print out of example questions: Are you a(n) animal/ human / sport / vegetable / sport
  • Then, write subcategory questions for each topic: Are you famous? Are you in this school? Are you a man or a woman? Are you Japanese? Can I eat you? Are you delicious? Are you green?
  • Any questions that elicit a yes/no answer are ok: Are you…, Can you…, Can I…, Do you… / Do I…



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