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Agree Writing Practice


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford



GRAMMAR: Opinion

EXAMPLE: I think students should play video games every day.

DATE ADDED: Nov 08, 2011


10-20 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students practice writing why or why not they agree with certain controversial statements.





  1. After handing out the worksheet, have the students write their name, class, etc
  2. Next, ask for the definitions of 'agree/not agree' and have them write the definitions in Japanese next to the appropriate blank. (NOTE: I used "not agree" rather than "disagree" because I think it's easier for the students to understand the negative of 'agree' than an entire new word. Furthermore, there is no other place in the textbook where the students use the word "disagree" so I don't think a new word needs to be introduced, hence the negative.)
  3. Students then take a couple minutes putting "X/O" next to the sentences they agree/disagree with.
  4. Then, they write full agree/disagree sentences. (see attachment for details)
  5. Finally, students write the sentences again, but this time they add a reason why they agree/disagree: "I think students should play a PSP every day because video games are fun."



  • Instead of having the student write 5 'because' sentences, you could have them choose only 2-3 of the above sentences and have them write 3 reasons why they agree/disagree with the statement. (NOTE: Having multiple reasons is more in-line with the textbook, but I don't think the textbook does a great job explaining this area in the book, so I just want my students to walk away with the simple knowledge of being able to express why or why not they agree/disagree with something.)



  • You will need to replace "ALT'S NAME" on the attachment with your own, or take out the sentence altogether.




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