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Anything to Eat


SUBMITTED BY: Charlotte Steggall and Anonymous



GRAMMAR: Infinitive Verb

EXAMPLE: Do you have anything to eat?

DATE ADDED: Jan 18, 2011


20-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students use Infinitive Verbs sentences to fill in a grid.





  1. Pass the worksheets around randomly. Each worksheet has four different pictures at the top of it.
  2. Students walk around and play Janken and the winner asks questions based on the verb prompts. If their friend has an object to go with the verb then they can answer. NOTE: One Piece (manga, read), Harry Potter (movie, watch), etc.
  3. The first five students to fill in their grids receives a sticker/prize.



  • This isn't one of my better lesson plans but there wasn't anything for this specific grammar point on the website so I whipped something up myself.
  • For Total English users: Students would have touched upon the infinitive already during the recycling story (grade 2) but this time they have to make questions and also answer them so it makes it trickier. For example, "Do you have anything to eat?" or "I have an apple to eat." is okay, but "Do you have anything to play?" or "I have tennis to play" sounds a bit strange. So, I got my students to say, "I will play tennis." I made the distinction by saying things you can touch (books, apples, orange juice etc) can have the first sentence structure but things you can't (tennis, Harry Potter, Nagoya) will take the second. Make sure you mention that with Nagoya, the question changes to, "Do you have anywhere to go?" It might be too difficult so you might like to change it to an object if you wish.


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