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Go: JHS GrammarAre You Going To Match Up?

SUBMITTED BY: Connor Gamradt



GRAMMAR: Verb - Future - Am Going

EXAMPLE: I am going to visit Yakushima tomorrow.

DATE ADDED: Jun 09, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEFOUTLINE: Students mingle around, trying to find their matching partner while asking/answering "Are you going to..." questions.





  1. Print out and cut the worksheet so each strip is separate.
  2. Go over the grammar, and the words and phrases in the activities.
  3. Shuffle up the slips of paper and pass them out to the students. Try and make it so the matching slips end up far away from each other.
  4. The students then stand up, find a friend, and play janken.
  5. The winner looks at his card and asks the question based on it. For example, if he/she has the "play tennis/tomorrow" card, they will ask "Are you going to play tennis tomorrow?"
  6. If the other student doesn't have a matching card, he/she will look at their slip and reply "No I'm not. I am going to ________ / _______." If the other student has the matching card, he/she will say "Yes, I am." and the pair will sit down.


  • If you still have lots of time, have the pairs find the other pair with the matching verb. For example, the "play tennis/tomorrow" pair should look for the "play tennis/next Monday" pair. They simply ask "Are you going to play tennis?".



  • Give the first few pairs that finish a sticker for working hard UNLESS they simply looked at each other's cards. It can be hard to keep an eye on everyone, but have the JTE help you out and do your best!


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